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How to brand yourself as a writer?

How to brand yourself as a writer?

A writer has to analyze his write ups and the subjects he is passionate to write about. He has to ponder over the kind of stories he likes to tell, narrate or serve to his readers. Eventually, that will help him attract the kind of readers that love to read such topics...
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Words Matter: Is Kindle Unlimited Pages Read Fair?

Words Matter: Is Kindle Unlimited Pages Read Fair?

In a nutshell it sounds fair, if you write a book and it is good then you are going to get a fairer share of the cake, if its not good and people do not finish reading it then you get less. Going by that mentality it is fair, the better you write the bigger the slice of cake you get. BUT...
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Writing Me Better

Writing Me Better

I have had periods throughout my life when my anxiety levels have been high. It was a huge relief when I realised that these feelings of stress weren’t logical, and were just my body’s reaction to too much cortisol over too long a period. I realised I didn’t have to take my worries at these times seriously; I learnt how to challenge them and learnt how much daily gratitude and reframing all my thoughts into the positive helped my mood...
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Short Stories

How High The Mighty Have Fallen

How High The Mighty Have Fallen

She put him down and put him down. He struck back and struck back. It never ended, the accusations and the retaliations. Sometimes he wondered if she actually got off on all the drama and trauma they went through day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. He put his calloused hands to his face and rubbed them hard against his cheeks, striving to make sense out of what had gone wrong in their marriage. There was no physical violence. Maybe it would have been better that way...
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Thats My Mercy Girl

Thats My Mercy Girl

January 1892 Exeter, Rhode Island “Mercy you look sickly, you had better come inside and rest.” Mercy paused, dragging on her coat, hand on the door, almost out, almost free. Her father, George, was looking thin and pale himself, but she knew better than to comment on that. “I have stuff to do.” It was as good an excuse as any. “With your mother gone I need you here, your brother is not doing so well and you need to tend us both.” George gave a thin lipped smile. Mercy shivered, she...
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Nathan sits down on the same bench he sat on almost fifteen years ago. Today the market square has been prettified with decorations for Christmas. He wonders if his contact will be the same as last time, or just another grey man, in a grey suit, with an MCC tie. A man called Charles, terribly British sounding. Nathan wonders if they are all called Charles. When the call had come, late last evening, he had gone into a state of shock. Nicola had been out at her art class. To be honest, he...
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Brought to book: Top tips to get yourself to read more

25 March 2017 | 8:01 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

WANT to get your child to read more? Our writer shows how to turn them into bookworms....

Sharpe novels author Bernard Cornwell: My six best books

23 March 2017 | 8:01 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

BERNARD CORNWELL, 73, is the author of the Sharpe novels which were made into a TV series starring Sean Bean. His books about Saxon England, The Last Kingdom, have also been adapted for television. The second series is being shown on BBC Two on Thursdays at 9pm....

James Bond news: How new story links to BREXIT - ‘It’s about a fading Empire’

22 March 2017 | 6:07 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

JAMES BOND’S latest caper has a lot to do with nationalism and - according to the writer - Brexit....

Jane Austen Apparently Made Up Two Fake Marriages, For The Lulz

22 March 2017 | 1:40 pm Books - The Huffington Post

Jane Austen, for many today, is practically synonymous with demure romance and traditional marriage. Documents turned up by the Hampshire County Council, however, suggest she held a more irreverent attitude toward the marital institution.Austen, who never married and died at 41 in 1817, apparently created not one, but two fake marriage announcements for herself, filling out forms meant to document the publication of banns (a public proclamation of an intended marriage, read out on three...

Signed first edition of Wind In The Willows to fetch £9,500 at auction

21 March 2017 | 8:00 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

A SIGNED limited edition copy of the classic children's novel The Wind in the Willows is set to fetch up to

Rachel Abbott reveals how she wrote a best-selling novel while trapped in a SNOW STORM

20 March 2017 | 8:01 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

RACHEL ABBOTT has climbed mountains to become Queen of the twisted suspense novel.

Equal writes and the best new women fiction: Book reviews

18 March 2017 | 8:01 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

IN March 2015, journalist Catherine Mayer attended an event at the Women of the World festival where the panellists were politicians Stella Creasy, Jo Swinson and Margot James....

Book reviews: A Dangerous Crossing, About Last Night and more

16 March 2017 | 8:01 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

AT TILBURY Docks in England, Lily Shepherd boards an ocean liner bound for Australia and sets out on a voyage of discovery that will change her life for ever....

Actress Amanda Redman: My six best books

16 March 2017 | 8:01 pm Daily Express :: Books Feed

AMANDA REDMAN, 59, has appeared in many TV series including New Tricks and Dangerfield. The DVD of her latest, The Good Karma Hospital, is out now on the Acorn label....

Man Booker International Prize 2017: Longlist announced for annual award

15 March 2017 | 7:32 am Daily Express :: Books Feed

THE MAN BOOKER PRIZE has revealed the longlist for its specific International award for 2017....


French Saviour
by Jackie from Australia
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It was in the centre of Paris that I was run over. Our ever-faithful bicycles were used to the maximum around the city. It was rush hour, and the reputation the Parisians have of being the worst drivers in the world was justified. Admittedly, we were on the pavement, studiously avoiding the square-hatted policemen who had told me off earlier that day for riding on the path.
We were sitting at the lights, and when pedestrians were shown the green light, off I sped. A lady in a small car hurtled around the corner through the red light, we collided. Actually, I pushed myself off the car, only knowing too well that I could be sucked under. All eight lanes of traffic came to a halt; Paris came to a standstill. The lady in the car was distraught; I was shocked.
Without really knowing what happened, a tall, handsome man picked me up and almost carried me to the pavement, while crooning, ‘Madam, you are ok, non? You are not hurt, non? Madam, you fell like a ballerina, like poetry. I am so sorry. You come all this way to our country to visit and this is what we do to you? I am so sorry, madam. What can we do to make it better?’
My knees were weak, not from the accident but from the smooth, poetic voice that caressed my ears. As I stared up into the beautiful, dark face of my saviour, letting him lead me to wherever he wanted to go, I felt a sharp pain in my ribs.
The magic of the moment was shattered with a, ‘She’ll be right, mate,’ from the unmistakable Aussie twang from my husband as he elbowed his way between my rescuer and me.
Reluctantly, the man let me go. As I thanked him, my heart sank as he disappeared. I think I loved him for a short time, if not him, then certainly the romance of the situation. In true Aussie form, Noel handed me my bike and said, ‘Come on, let’s go!’ And off we went. I was somewhat shaky, but smiling.



Best Words by SM Ford

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In this blog SM Ford shares about her publishing journey, assists other writers on their journeys with helpful posts, and shares about other books she finds of interest.

Mackenzie Flohr's Author Blog by Mackenzie Flohr

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Creative Writing, Author Interview, Book Reviews

CJ Morrow - the inside stories by CJ Morrow

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When I don't like what's going on in the world, I write another one. Join me. I am a writer, word weaver, lover of things curious, unseen and unexplainable, general wordy person. Always watching. I love to write about everyday life as though viewed side on – I like to catch the object which moves in the corner of your eye and disappears when you turn. I’m fascinated by the ordinary man, or woman, who isn’t quite what they seem. I like to see the magic and mystery in every situation and relationship. Life intrigues me and I find much of it funny.

Marie Tayse Official by Marie Tayse

visit blog

She is an author, as well as, Founder and Lead Investigator of Seeking Answers Paranormal (SAP_TN). She also enjoys reading, music, the television show Criminal Minds, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves animals and has several of her own. She hopes one day to own and operate a shelter for abused and neglected animals. Marie lives in Tennessee. You can find her other books on, Kindle, Nook, Books-a-Million, and Barnes & Noble.

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The Book In The Freezer

The Book In The Freezer

Clips from the FRIENDS episode dealing with the books The Shining and Little Women, yes Joey really does keep his book hidden in the freezer and from the amount of times I laughed watching this, it is no wonder Friends was such a big hit.

Dog Wants a Kitty

Dog Wants a Kitty

Dog Wants a Kitty by Pets Add Life This big, bad doggie wants a little, fluffy kitty and Pets Add Life do a great voice over or is it really the dog talking... Who knows but it is great fun to watch. We have a few funny videos of pets talking now, so do search our selection for the best of the best.

Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig

Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig

Pets Add Life: Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig. So what would a guinea pig say in an interview, well lets find out by watching this very funny video, I had tears of laughter watching it! Footage of Rory submitted by minipigsDOTcom

Pets Add Life: Wet Dog!

Pets Add Life: Wet Dog!

A very very wet and unhappy dog from Pets need a pal to talk to. Starring Oakley. Oakley has just had a bath and he is not happy, watch him tell his owner off, it is very funny!

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