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Ghost and Haunted House Videos and Old Curses plus our collection of Halloween Fantasy Novels, that we have classed as Halloween friendly, i.e. they have an element of magical fantasy and horror about them that should thrill you on a cold dark night...
Each time you visit this page you will see a new set of books and different curses that we have found. There are hundreds of books to see, so do come back often.

WhipEye: WhipEye Chronicles by Geoffrey Saign

WhipEye: WhipEye Chronicles by Geoffrey Saign

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Can a girl grieving her mother, a boy missing his father, and a thousandyearold wisecracking parrot save two worlds? Samantha and her neighbor, Jake, have no idea that Samantha's best friend, a parrot named Charlie, is a thousand years old. Charlie is also at the center of a secret battle between magical creatures and an ancient, evil man. When Charlie asks Samantha and Jake to protect him, they are chased by monsters from both sides. To save Charlie, and two worlds, Samantha and Jake have twentyfour hours to figure out how to use the supernatural staff, WhipEye, and find the courage toconfront what they fear most... Ages 9 and up....

Alien Manifesto: The Adventures of the Human Thomas Scott
T.W. Embry
When orphaned exNavy S.E.A.L. Thomas Scott decides upon a life of crime, he does not expect to be recruited to join an elite Special Forces operation charged with stealing an alien artifact. Especially a mixedspecies alien team headed by intergalactic billionaire Snarth. The closeknit team soon becomes Tom's family in more senses than one, which complicates matters when the mysterious artifact turns out to hold secrets that may plunge the whole of the known universe into a devastating...

Fortune telling Curse High tech Fraud

In the Datalink Computer Services incident that lasted from August 2004 through October 2010, a mark was fleeced of several million dollars by a firm that claimed an elaborate conspiracy against him on the Internet, involving the Central Intelligence Agency and Opus Dei.
The victim was charged for elaborate and unnecessary computer security services to clean his virus infected computer. It is estimated to have cost the victim between 6 and 20 million USD.

Riptide: Betrayal of Blood (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy Book 3)
Claudette Melanson
The 3rd book in the 1st of several trilogies featuring Maura & her family!
Maura has never felt so alone in her life…nor has her existence ever been so overshadowed by peril…
Not only do both her parents—her distant but loving mother and recently returned father—remain absent from her life, but due to the hideous error in judgement executed in collusion with her best friend, Valdamir, and adoptive sister, Susie, Maura has been cut off from the pair’s friendship and support,...

Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter
C.A. Verstraete
Every family has its secrets…
One hot August morning in 1892, Lizzie Borden picked up an axe and murdered her father and stepmother. Newspapers claim she did it for the oldest of reasons: family conflicts, jealousy and greed. But what if her parents were already dead? What if Lizzie slaughtered them because they’d become zombies?

Thrust into a horrific world where the walking dead are part of a shocking conspiracy to infect not only Fall River, Massachusetts, but also the...

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You? By taking our 2 minute personality test we will determine which TV witch best suits your character. Are you cute and innocent like Sabrina, motherly like Samantha, as sensual as Phoebe or as cunning and mean as Endora.

Rise of the Priestess (The Demon Lover's Chronicles Book 3)
Julian Coleman
César is the WINNER of the IAN 2016 OUTSTANDING Paranormal/Supernatural Book of the Year. Finish the saga.
Marie has always lived in the demon’s shadow. She forces her mother to keep a diabolical promise, but while trying to satisfy her daughter's demands, Angelina is outwitted and trapped. Once he has his beloved Angelina, César coerces her into a lusty marriage. Even as César enjoys Angelina as his carnal prize, Marie knows that she must send him back to hell.
Marie is...

A Mirror Among Shattered Glass (The Supernatural London
Romarin Demetri
Unable to contain the deadly nature of her family secret and powers, nineteen year old Romarin Demetri hails from California, USA to unearth her heritage as a descendant of serialkiller Countess Bathory, the woman that lent Dracula his legend, and cursed Romarin with an appetite for blood.
Unenthusiastic about relocating to her birth city of London, a charming paranormal investigator with claim to the throne could change her mind, as he leads her to the only living and distant relative...

The Grimaldi Curse

Prince Rainer I, got cursed when he abducted and raped a beautiful maiden in the 13th century. As revenge, the maiden became a witch and proclaimed “Never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage.”
If you check out the Grimaldi family history you will find that not many of them did find true happiness in marriage.

Letters To The Damned
Austin Crawley
In a small English village, an abandoned black post box stands testament to the failing Royal Mail service where post box collections have ceased and letters must be delivered to the post office in the local shop.
However, the residents of this village continue to drop irregular letters into the black box. Messages to dead relatives are not only delivered, but often requests for supernatural intervention are acted upon in the world of the living where...

Possessions of the Human Kind: Saga Chapter One
Aimée Marie Bejarano
When Dr. Leslie Johnson arrives in Humanity Ville, Texas, she faces the supernatural battle of her life. Demons masquerade as ghosts and infiltrate the withdrawn, peculiar town including The Hope Psychiatric Facility.
While Dr. Johnson meets with her patients, she soon realizes the very thing tormenting one particular patient, Olga Benner, is demon possession. Suddenly, it seems every apparition and paranormal disturbance is gunning for Leslie Johnson.
Being a Christian, Leslie doesn't...

Secrets in the Shallows (Book 1: The Monastery Murders)
Kimberly Brouillette
(NOTE: NEW 4th edition has been rereleased as of January, 2016.)
A deadly storm is brewing over the sleepy little town of Wattsville, Maine. Mystery and intrigue creep into the village like a fetid fog blown by an ill wind. The untimely deaths of two young men shake the quiet peace of the small community, and threaten to destroy the life of a revered religious leader. The spirits of those slain cry out for justice from their graves, while restless...

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Visit Our Halloween Special Page and find some great recipe ideas as well as our Halloween Horror Novels that we have especially picked out for you to enjoy.

Loves, Myths and Monsters: A Collection of Folk and Urban Myths
JoAnne Myers
A collection of mystical tales starring The Mothman, the Chupracabra, reincarnation, ghosts, an Egyptian love curse and more entwined within the human world.
Welcome To Anna
Little does 17 year old Zoe, realize, but the Chupracabra followed her to Ohio from South America. What happens next is a series of chilling mysteries, and unsuspecting friendships and love.
The Hunter’s Bride
When all game warden Daren Abram, had to worry about was which lucky lady to woo, he comes to the...

An Ill Wind Blows
Lori R. Lopez
The witty horrorfantasy novel AN ILL WIND BLOWS will take you on a rollicking adventure inside the belly of a storm who would be king. There you and an oddball bunch of nutty characters will encounter some of the wildest imaginings of author Lori R. Lopez (DANCE OF THE CHUPACABRAS, CHOCOLATECOVERED EYES, OUTOFMIND EXPERIENCES). Step through the cuckoo clock for a nonstop marathon of the bizarre where anything goes including zombie piranhas, ghosts, an alien, a witch, an axewielding elf,...

Tutankhamun's Curse

Did the ancient pharaohs put a curse on their tombs, Tutankhamun's tomb was opened on 29 November 1922. Lord Carnarvon, a financial backer who was present at the tomb's opening, died 4 months later in 1923 after a mosquito bite became infected.
George Jay Gould I, a visitor to the tomb, died in the French Riviera in 1923 after he developed a fever following his visit.
Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt died in 1923: shot dead by his wife.
Colonel The Hon. Aubrey Herbert, MP, Carnarvon's half-brother, became nearly blind and died on in 1923 from blood poisoning related to a dental procedure intended to restore his eyesight.
Sir Archibald Douglas-Reid, a radiologist who x-rayed Tutankhamun's mummy, died in 1924 from a mysterious illness.
Sir Lee Stack, A. C. Mace, The Hon. Mervyn Herbert, Captain Richard Bethell and his father Richard Luttrell Pilkington Bethell are all other victims to the curse.

Madness : Spared - Surviving The Apocalypse Book Five
Graham Toseland
After six months at the stadium the survivors have built up enough supplies to make a permanent home there. In that time just two newcomers have joined them. For the rest of the time…nothing. No danger. No threats…nothing.
Helen should have been relaxed but something still bugged her. She couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that the group were not out of the woods yet.
Old threats haunt her dreams.
Chilling news about a group in a neighbouring town and a visit from one of...

Valarie Savage Kinney
We're often told tales of the underworlds to feed the darkest corners of our nightmares. We tuck them away with the sunlight and laugh away the fear our minds created. But the daylight offers no relief for Zari. She's hidden her waking nightmare as nothing more than a damaged past. The venom of her secrets consumes her, as well as those she cares for most. Emmett, the love of her life and the only one with a past dark enough to respect her space, becomes a pawn in the war against the demonic...

Horror Movie Quiz

Horror Movie Quiz

Horror Movie Quiz
Ten classic horror movies between 1973 and 2014, ten movies everybody has seen but can you name them all? I dare you to try. Play Now

Ghost On Video

Ghost On Video

Has the security guard at the WINGATE HOTEL in Illinois actually seen a ghost on September 14, 2003.
According to him, people staying at the hotel began calling in noise complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor--particularly room #209. There is no known history to the room according to our investigation. However, upon further review, we found that over the years, multiple complaints of "strange noises" were reported to be coming from the room. This is the only known recording of it. Watch Video


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Andy and Jacqueline Brave the Haunted House

Ghost On Video

"Brave" may be the wrong word, but Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy Lassner, and his assistant, Jacqueline, made their way through a haunted house. If you have ever watched Ellen's Show then you know this is going to be funny and both Andy and Jacqueline live up to getting scared stiff, thank you for the laughs guys. Watch Video

Don't Hang The Smiley Man

Play this game on it's own page

Pure Horror Novels

Danny Hallows and The Stones of Aurora: The Town Halloween
K.A. Hambly

Near what appears to be an ordinary town in South Wales lies a forest so ancient that locals believe it hosts otherworldly creatures. But as one boy knows, it is also the gateway to Aecleti; a mysterious and magical country created by the wizard Ambrosius.
Aecleti is being threatened by the evil King Vortigen who is seeking the Stones of Aurora which are said to contain the purest of magic. If the Stones fall into his hands he will become the most powerful ruler of his time, and nobody...

Desperate Moon
Jennifer Ott

Countess Katerina Vaduva roams Eastern Europe as a vampire for nearly six hundred years experiencing the horrors of mortal man wars, plagues, genocide and torture. For centuries, she seeks shelter and security in the castles of counts and sultans.
When her husband the Count of Slovakia passes, she pursues a new life with a colonel in the Prussian military. While her husband quests victory at battle, Katerina desires a Naturalist scientists who seduces her with knowledge and a greater...

A Hell For All Seasons
Emiliya Ahmadova

Delilah is an Azeri woman whose life is saturated with hypocrisy. She believes herself to be a religious woman, but does not act like one toward other people. One time in a mosque, while she goes through the motions of prayer, she meets a strange old man in rags, with boils all over his skin. The man begs her for help, but she refuses and shoved him aside. Only later does she face the consequences of her behavior, and realizes that she must take certain changes to escape an otherwise...