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Ghost and Haunted House Videos and Old Curses plus our collection of Halloween Fantasy Novels, that we have classed as Halloween friendly, i.e. they have an element of magical fantasy and horror about them that should thrill you on a cold dark night...
Each time you visit this page you will see a new set of books and different curses that we have found. There are hundreds of books to see, so do come back often.

Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian (Tiva Boon Series Book 1) by Jenn Nixon

Tiva Boon: Royal Guardian (Tiva Boon Series Book 1) by Jenn Nixon

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The kingdom of Abennelp has enjoyed an age of peace. Tiva Boon, a loyal and ambitious Royal Guardian is determined to carry on tradition and become an elite protector to the throne. It is all she has ever wanted. Possessing abilities and strength beyond her age, Tiva dedicates her youth and risks her life in the service of her king to prove she is worthy. With her goal achieved and her destiny in motion, a mysterious offworld threat emerges and shatters everything Tiva holds dear.
Exiled from her home and running for her life, Tiva seeks asylum with the Union, a universal security force, and attempts to put the past behind her. Finding herself alone among various space faring races, Tiva integrates herself into the strange society using her skills as a protector and befriends several aliens she meets along the way, ones who will change her life forever.
When a message from those loyal to her king reaches her months after she feels safe in her new life, Tiva’s destiny and the fate of her people collide.

Rose Blossom
Renee Travis
High school senior Rhodanthe Watson dreams of a life like any other girl her age; boyfriend, pick a good college, and find the perfect shade of lip gloss. But her reality is an overbearing and overprotective mom, and actually making it to college by surviving the heart condition she's had for years.
Meeting and falling in love with Julian, a handsome and mysterious new boy at school, was never on the list, neither was finding out that he's a vampire.
Being the girlfriend of a vampire...

Poltergeist Movie Curse

Using real skeletons on a movie set is asking for trouble and apparantly four cast members died during the filming of the three film series.
Dominique Dunne, who played the eldest daughter Dana died at the age of 22 strangled by her ex-boyfriend.
Julian Beck, 60-year-old actor who played Henry Kane in Poltergeist II, died in 1985, of stomach cancer diagnosed before he had accepted the role.
Will Sampson, 53 years old, who played Taylor the medicine man in Poltergeist II, died as a result of post-operative kidney failure and malnutrition problems in 1987.
Heather O'Rourke, who played Carol Anne in all three Poltergeist films, died in 1988 at the age of 12 during surgery to repair an acute bowel obstruction.

The Cypress Hills Series
Angel Ernst
For a millennia, the land that Samantha's farm house sits upon has been cursed. Cypress Hills Farm had once been a thriving homestead that helped create the town that now sits outside it's boundaries.
Sixteen year Samantha Walsh has had plenty of tragedy in her life, but now the next victim could possibly be her.
Racing against time, she must discover a way to break the curse and save not just herself , but her family as well.......

Bad Date: A Love at First Bite story
Declan Finn
A serial killer is on the loose, and there's one more victim.
Perhaps she's bitten off more than she can chew.......

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You?

Which Witch Are You? By taking our 2 minute personality test we will determine which TV witch best suits your character. Are you cute and innocent like Sabrina, motherly like Samantha, as sensual as Phoebe or as cunning and mean as Endora.

Madness : Spared - Surviving The Apocalypse Book Five
Graham Toseland
After six months at the stadium the survivors have built up enough supplies to make a permanent home there. In that time just two newcomers have joined them. For the rest of the time…nothing. No danger. No threats…nothing.
Helen should have been relaxed but something still bugged her. She couldn’t rid herself of the feeling that the group were not out of the woods yet.
Old threats haunt her dreams.
Chilling news about a group in a neighbouring town and a visit from one of...

Wheel Wolf (Werewolf Horror)
January Valentine
Jack Bailey is just a few weeks away from beginning his dream career as Forest Ranger in the upstate New York town of Angel's Bend. Jenny Rudea, veterinarian in training, is madly in love with Jack, and the animals she cares for.
On the way home from her house one night, Jack takes an unanticipated detour to Hosner Lake to bolster his courage and contemplate how he'll ask Jenny to be his wife. While there, he encounters something that raises the hair on the back of his neck. What is out...

The Grimaldi Curse

Prince Rainer I, got cursed when he abducted and raped a beautiful maiden in the 13th century. As revenge, the maiden became a witch and proclaimed “Never will a Grimaldi find true happiness in marriage.”
If you check out the Grimaldi family history you will find that not many of them did find true happiness in marriage.

Breaking Cadence (Survival Trilogy Book 1)
Rebecca Clare Smith
I snorted softly. “You expect me to believe that you came to town looking for a cure? I’m not stupid, Zander. There is no cure. There never will be.”
“Oh there is,” he assured, staring right at me. “There has been for years.”

Decontaminated. Deflowered. Defunct.
Cadence Laurence has suffered pain and humiliation at the hands of the town committee, but the saving grace of her torture means nothing when her brother, Alex, and his girlfriend, Kitty break the rules...

Miranda's Rights (Paranormal Detective Series Book 2)
Lily Luchesi
The dead don’t always rest easy...
Retired detective, Danny Mancini, is haunted by nightmares after he found out that paranormal creatures exist. All he wants is to forget them…especially a certain halfvampire. When cursed werewolves show up trying to kill him, he is forced to go back to the Paranormal Investigative Division for help against a powerful old enemy. What he was not expecting was a dead ex showing back up after twentysix years.......

Lullaby of the Dead: Every Ghost Has a Story (Opus of the Dead
Lynn Lamb
Are you willing to entertain a different vision of the afterlife? Landry Sinclair has a story to tell—listen carefully.
I played the professional career woman. Beneath the façade, I was lonely and ashamed. My plans for upward mobility were squashed when I fell into the hands of a ruthless serial killer. I became entangled in his rich web of heinous acts. After he slipped a daterape drug in my drink, then brutally tortured me, I awakened to an inescapable nightmarish realm on the wrong...

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Visit Our Halloween Special Page and find some great recipe ideas as well as our Halloween Horror Novels that we have especially picked out for you to enjoy.

Eternal Infinīte (Infinīte Series Book 1)
Pam Kesterson
Eternal Infinīte by Pam Kesterson is a horrific tale that combines romance and adventure in a supernatural dystopian setting.
and psychic powers
Eternal Infinīte is the first book in the Infinīte Series.
The secret is not living forever. It's knowing you do. Changed from better to best.
Shenser brings Saidi back from another realm while she lies in a coma as they create a new coma language for her existence. He...

Blood Runner
J.D. Stanley
He’s cranky, he’s old, he just wants to be left alone.
Healer by trade, antihero by grudging acceptance, vampire by... mistake? Richard struggles with his bloodstealing nature for five thousand years until Maggie incinerates his life during the 1700's. But it doesn't end there, not as long as Captain William Blackthorn, vicious pirate with an ancient secret, is still skulking around.
Fast forward to a modern day Ontario forest. After invading his sanctuary, when the burgeoning...

Tutankhamun's Curse

Did the ancient pharaohs put a curse on their tombs, Tutankhamun's tomb was opened on 29 November 1922. Lord Carnarvon, a financial backer who was present at the tomb's opening, died 4 months later in 1923 after a mosquito bite became infected.
George Jay Gould I, a visitor to the tomb, died in the French Riviera in 1923 after he developed a fever following his visit.
Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey of Egypt died in 1923: shot dead by his wife.
Colonel The Hon. Aubrey Herbert, MP, Carnarvon's half-brother, became nearly blind and died on in 1923 from blood poisoning related to a dental procedure intended to restore his eyesight.
Sir Archibald Douglas-Reid, a radiologist who x-rayed Tutankhamun's mummy, died in 1924 from a mysterious illness.
Sir Lee Stack, A. C. Mace, The Hon. Mervyn Herbert, Captain Richard Bethell and his father Richard Luttrell Pilkington Bethell are all other victims to the curse.

Blood Borne: Cathedral Chronicles
E.M.G. Wixley
After centuries of lying buried a dark and dangerous book is unearthed. It holds great powers and secrets. Now in the hands of evil, its voice threatens to transform time, space and human existence. A battle between the dark forces of hell and the light of heaven shake the universe.
The living book has a metamorphic effect on Emperor Oswald, the leader of the alien army on Earth and gradually he changes from a man into a demonic beast. Humankind ravaged by war and disease rapidly yield to...

Letters To The Damned
Austin Crawley
In a small English village, an abandoned black post box stands testament to the failing Royal Mail service where post box collections have ceased and letters must be delivered to the post office in the local shop.
However, the residents of this village continue to drop irregular letters into the black box. Messages to dead relatives are not only delivered, but often requests for supernatural intervention are acted upon in the world of the living where...

Horror Movie Quiz

Horror Movie Quiz

Horror Movie Quiz
Ten classic horror movies between 1973 and 2014, ten movies everybody has seen but can you name them all? I dare you to try. Play Now

Ghost On Video

Ghost On Video

Has the security guard at the WINGATE HOTEL in Illinois actually seen a ghost on September 14, 2003.
According to him, people staying at the hotel began calling in noise complaints to the front desk with reports of loud screaming coming from the 2nd floor--particularly room #209. There is no known history to the room according to our investigation. However, upon further review, we found that over the years, multiple complaints of "strange noises" were reported to be coming from the room. This is the only known recording of it. Watch Video


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Andy and Jacqueline Brave the Haunted House

Ghost On Video

"Brave" may be the wrong word, but Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy Lassner, and his assistant, Jacqueline, made their way through a haunted house. If you have ever watched Ellen's Show then you know this is going to be funny and both Andy and Jacqueline live up to getting scared stiff, thank you for the laughs guys. Watch Video

Don't Hang The Smiley Man

Play this game on it's own page

Pure Horror Novels

Ellie Douglas

A deadly virus, named SB16, is putting the infected into deep comas, and transforming man’s best friend into hungry, viciously aggressive Zombie Dogs. As the world watches in horror, the Zombie Dogs go on the attack, looking to feed their hunger for blood and human flesh. Over 80% of the human population worldwide has already been affected.
What hope does humanity have? Without the help of police, doctors or any infrastructure, the survivors are left in a struggle to keep their...

Witch City: Cardinal
Tim Morgan

At sixteen Peter Cardinal's family was slaughtered by vampires, but his story is dismissed as the ramblings of a traumatized teen. Wracked by guilt and driven by fury, Peter sets his sights on a career in law enforcement.
His adoptive father, however, is the only one who will listen and he has other plans for Peter.
After college Peter is recruited by The Program a law enforcement agency tasked with tracking down and destroying monsters at all costs. At first out for vengeance, Peter...

Hope For The Future
lynn whyte-heath

"Maria and Zach are a young recently married couple but before they even have chance to consummate the marriage, Zach is badly injured and in a coma.
Maria finds herself, firstly approach by two aliens, who need her help.
Then several years later, Maria and her daughter ‘Yvonne’ Are terrorised by the devil, who wants to take Adam, (Maria‘s son,) but he cannot take Adam, Maria must ask the Devil take him.
The Devil will get him at all costs and Maria will die herself, to keep...