Topical: Fifty Shades of Grey - Lego Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey - Lego Trailer

100 Million book readers can't be wrong can they or is it just a bad conversion from book to film, I am not sure as the movie is getting terrible reviews so I thought I would check out the Lego version instead.
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100 Million book readers can\'t be wrong can they or is it just a bad conversion from book to film, I am not sure as the movie is getting terrible reviews so I thought I would check out the Lego version instead....

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Pets Earn Their Keep

The poor pets are ordered to earn their keep including the tortoise asked to mow the lawn and the cats to make the bed, I really didn't think the dog would get away with the dodge he tries to pull. Great fun from Pets Add Life team with their voice overs and clever scripts.

The Book In The Freezer

Clips from the FRIENDS episode dealing with the books The Shining and Little Women, yes Joey really does keep his book hidden in the freezer and from the amount of times I laughed watching this, it is no wonder Friends was such a big hit.

Dog Wants a Kitty

Dog Wants a Kitty by Pets Add Life This big, bad doggie wants a little, fluffy kitty and Pets Add Life do a great voice over or is it really the dog talking... Who knows but it is great fun to watch. We have a few funny videos of pets talking now, so do search our selection for the best of the best.

Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig

Pets Add Life: Pet Interviews - Guinea Pig. So what would a guinea pig say in an interview, well lets find out by watching this very funny video, I had tears of laughter watching it! Footage of Rory submitted by minipigsDOTcom

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A very very wet and unhappy dog from Pets need a pal to talk to. Starring Oakley. Oakley has just had a bath and he is not happy, watch him tell his owner off, it is very funny!

Talking Kitty Cat 44 - BAD! BAD! BAD!

Steve finds a stray kitten and names it Random kitten, here is Random Kittens reaction to the rest of the family. Sylvester, Gibson, Shelby Gurl (the dog) and SteveCash83. Cats can not really talk can they? Well since all cat owners speak to their cats, it makes you think!

The REAL Story Behind Hilarious Internet Memes

Ever wondered the story behind the photo of the poor soul being used in a meme, how they feel about it and what they are doing in life now, well this video will tell you the stories behind 10 of the most well known meme stars including Grumpy Cat, Success Kid, Photogenic Guy, Overly Attached Girl, Bad Luck Brian and Disaster Girl as well as a few others.

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