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Have You Read?

Pretty Maidens All In a Row. by J.M. Brown

Reviewers say:
“This is a book that makes you want to keep your children close."
“Could any human being ever write this?"
Mary Elizabeth Grange, also known as Beth to her friends, is little more than a child when she is noticed. Her lanky, developing body and her childlike ways do nothing to dissuade his hungry eyes and his needy imagination. She glides through life happily but to him she becomes everything. Every flip of her long curly ebony hair, every smile, every gesture...

The Forgotten Age: Book 2, Druid Ascendant by Wayne M Sefton

The Forgotten Age Book 2, Druid Ascendant begins two weeks after the events in Book 1. Aldorel, leader of the elven hunt has captured one of the DhagdaRho and it falls to the remaining member and their friends to rescue them from the elven prison fortress known as The Black Mausoleum. With the threat of war looming between the troll nation and the kingdom of the elves, the threat to Girhed Mor and the druids has never been greater. New friends, new lands and a horrifying new danger all...

Caverns of Procellarum (Steps to Space Book 2) by Richard Penn

Engineer Marius and his people are doing a roaring trade in satellite repair and reclamation from their base in Earth Orbit. But then an emergency call comes in. A dozen Chinese miners are stranded in a colony on the Moon. Can he and his apprentice Corinne build a ship and rescue the colony before a solar storm wipes them all out? See the solution they design, and follow them as they lead the colony to a new stage in humanity's spread into space.......

Rowandell: Rebellion in Rowandell by Joanna Larum

Twiggy Witch and Wildieborn the Wizard do terrible things to each other and to the Valleyfolk of Rowandell where they all live. But the Valleyfolk have HAD ENOUGH of spells that set fire to their cooking pots or poison their turnips and they mount a rebellion to rid the valley of the Terrible Two forever.......

The Nerd and the SEAL (The Morrison Family Book 3) by D.R. Grady

Ben Morrison and Treeny Deveau have never forgotten the precious moments they shared in The Closet. Their magical encounter has ruined them for anyone else. Now they have to work through new family members, past fears, and odd working schedules to maintain a relationship. Will Ben and Treeny ever enjoy another stolen moment in The Closet? Can they overcome their fears and pasts so they can have a future together?......

Red Panda Zoo: A Spanish and English Picture Book (Mama Young's by Mama Young

Red Panda Zoo's bright and beautiful images bring the zoo to life in Spanish and English. Infants and toddlers will enjoy the exciting pictures. Young readers will learn over 20 English and Spanish animal names. Red Panda Zoo includes a complete SpanishEnglish vocabulary list at the end of the book as a teaching aid for educators and parents.
Red Panda Zoo is a musthave addition to any young reader library, and an exciting new book for Spanishspeaking homes like Mama Young's.......

Leaving the Pack (Silver Nights Trilogy, book 1) by David J. O'Brien

Nobody believes in werewolves.
That's just what Paul McHew and his friends are counting on.
They and their kind roam our city streets: a race of people from whom the terrible legend stems; now living among us invisibly after centuries of persecution through fear and ignorance. Superficially Caucasian but physiologically very different, with lunar rhythms so strong that during the three days of the full moon they are almost completely controlled by their hormonal instincts, you might...

Destiny Fulfilled: Book 3 of the Anandrian Series by Kathryn Heaney

Lucifer brings magic, dragons, and his gargoyle horde through to terrorize downtown Toronto by taking advantage of a tear in the fabric between the two dimensions of Earth and magical Anandria. His goal? It is time to conquer the universe!
Cousins Raonull and Kathryn, grandchildren of Laura and Vaaron, grow up between Earth and Anandria. They both exhibit exceptional powers in Anandria and lately on Earth, too. When Kathryn has a vision, they don’t hesitate to venture to England on a...

Codename: Winterborn (The Last Survivors Book 1) by various

After a small nuclear war in 2090, a third of the world is in ruins, along with the Western half of the United States. Three years later, intelligence officer Kevin Anderson and his team are sent to find the nuclear arsenal of the Islamic Republic of France. When his team is betrayed by the politicians who sent them, Kevin is out for blood. Hunted by an army, Kevin must kill the Senators before the next team is sent to their deaths.
Without resources, or support, it's almost certainly a...

Tales from the Moonstone Inn by Francis W Strapp

Written in the early 1900s by a downonhisluck Englishman living in Australia, this engaging collection of stories is now available in an expanded edition.
The two novellas presented in this volume – The Moonstone Inn and The Man Who Tossed A Sixpence – are thrillers set in Australia and the South Pacific. Dark schemes, evil deeds and guarded secrets abound, mixed with romance, humour and local colour, not forgetting the dashing heroes and virtuous heroines.
The collection...