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Have You Read?

Simple...: can love triumph over evil? by Anita Dawes

Simple is the story of the nightmare world of the abused. Of family bullying, and the violent and upsetting abuse of a mentally challenged man.
Ethan, or Simple as he is called, is a huge bear of a man with the heart and mind of an innocent child.
Leanne, his younger halfsister, is the only one who tries to take care of him.
Set in the beautiful backwoods of West Virginia, will they be able to escape from their vicious and uncaring family?
This story has it all, love and caring,...

Glint in The Dark by Lori Kay

Feel the pain of a family trying to recover from a young daughter's brutal attack, unaware that in less than ten years she will be gone forever. Listen to the words behind the music of a little boy that grew into a selfcentered sadistic killer to cover his pain, and then meet the love of his life who has had her own innocence shattered.

Is it real? The slick marketing? Many will die before the answer is discovered. Secrets shrouded in pain, blood and denial all come to the surface...

Unflinching: A Western by Stuart G. Yates

In the brutal, unforgiving West a dozen years after the California Gold Rush, a lone Pinkerton detective is on the trail of two vicious killers.
When a famous exgeneral's daughter is kidnapped, Detective Simms is assigned with bringing her home. Forged in the Mexican War, this man of steel knows how to survive and how to kill. But he will need all of his skill and guile if he is to survive this unforgiving land, and bring the general's daughter home.
And then, it gets personal.........

TRILOGY: Siam Storm by Robert A Webster

Three Hilarious British Comedy Adventures Set In Southeast Asia.
Giggling like naughty schools kids each time they talk about their upcoming holiday to Thailand; Spock and Stu hope it entails plenty of booze, parties, raunchy sex with acorn coloured skin beauties, and balmy day’s chillaxing while drinking cocktails on warm sandy beaches... Boy, are they in for a shock!
When a golden box containing the dental remains of the Buddha is stolen, with its Warrior monks...

Greenhill by Gary Cann

The green hills of the Welsh border offer peace and solace but for Malcolm Gregson they are also a place to hide from the present and remember the past.
His wife's funeral gives him time to reflect on his own rather ordinary life, but that life takes a new and confusing turn when he meets an old schoolfriend, the glamorous and attractive Sonia Fox. He finds himself embroiled in events he doesn't understand and a shadowy world of lies and deceit opens wounds he didn't know existed. Who can...

7 Hours After (The Steele Novels Book 10) by David L Atkinson

Patrick Steele is off crusading once again with his sidekick, fiancée Naomi Kobayashi. This time he is risking life and limb by returning to the hostile shores of the USA. He has had brushes with the authorities in that vast country on previous occasions, but now has been stimulated to return because of apparent dodgy dealings over the World Trade Centre disaster of September 11th 2001.
After discovering numerous ‘theories’ concerning 9/11 and who was behind it, Steele identifies...

Rise of the Walker King (Walking Between Worlds, Book II) by J. K. Norry

Step once again into the lives of Walker Paul and his trusted Guide Kris as they delve deeper into the meaning of walking between worlds and battling people's demons.
Walking Between Worlds; Book II: Rise of the Walker King continues the exciting saga begun in Book I. Now that the king has risen to power, he must look within and without for answers to save both himself and the Walker's world.

Evil Eyes by K.C. Sprayberry

Lisa is so ready for a break from the grueling first semester of college. Along with five other friends, she returns to Landry, and hopes to have nothing but fun. Within days, one of the group is the victim of a vindictive stalker, and Lisa herself is now in the man's sights. No matter what she does, she can't shake this person.
Fred has a little problem, but he figures he can take care of it himself, if he achieves fame with his folk rock band, OlneyOak Lane Sounds. Then he happens to...

Fireside (The Path of Ashes Book 2) by Brian Parker

Postnuclear war America is a dangerous place. Mutated animals and deadly plants kill within seconds, while marauding gangs threaten to wipe out what’s left of humanity.
Aeric Traxx, given the name after months of torture at the hands of the Vultures left him hideously scarred, leads the city of San Angelo through these troublesome times as diseases decimate the population and acid rains make the soil virtually unusable for the first few years after the war.
The residents of the city...

The UGS Constellation Series Boxed Set: Books 1-3: PLUS Bonus by HA Fortman

Chasing Constellations: Book 1
Elisa Jones graduated college with her journalism degree and now she’s trying to make her way in the world alone. Elisa turns to her first love cold cases. She decides to follow up on a lead she found. It's a clue that takes her to California, where she might be able to assist in uncovering the killer.
Commander Turock Gav’rin is on the hunt for a fugitive, one that has taken him across the stars to a small blue planet. Hiding who he really is,...