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Have You Read?

I Wore Heels to the Apocalypse by C H Clepitt

Is anyone truly prepared for the apocalypse?
Well, Kerry certainly isn’t, and she fairly quickly discovers that looking sharp in a business suit and heels is not going to help anyone when there’s an apocalypse, with possible zombies!
Together with a super spy, an ex girl guide and a personal trainer with manly foraging skills, Kerry must battle terrifying religious cults, rich people and her personal demons, all whilst having the daily chore of deciding what to wear.
This is a...


The Far Away Colony tells the story of this young girl of the High of SaintPaul who wanted to escape from the life of misery that she had known up until the day she decided to look for work among the wealthy people of the city. This thirst to succeed his life will result in a succession of adventure where she would have been able to lose herself for ever if she had not shown a hinged, despite she have got to endure the mos difficult situations as for example bearing a child conceived in sin,...

Scripting the Past by Angelica Kate

Declan lives in the shadows helping deliver people out of the worst moments of their lives. After his military career ended he joined a team in a foreign land putting the most lethal skills in his toolbox to best use, all the while watching over his only family from afar. He wants his sister, Morgan to enjoy all the best in life, free from the confines of the knowledge of what he does and the evil that threatens their world daily. When his sister’s life is unexpectedly jeopardized though,...

The New Grown Ups Disney World Guide Book by Peggy Bechko

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All too often a vacation to Disney World is associated only with children and young families.
But I’m here to tell you it’s time to party! Time to let the big kids out to play.
The New Grown Ups Disney World GuideBook offers just...

The Onion and the Pearl: The fantastic outside in journey of by Kamon

Mr. Onion meets a lovely stranger who he mistakes for a pearl. It is by chatting with the stranger that Mr. Onion discovers the secret of shaping oneself…an adorable story for the children of our global world.......

Taming Shadows (Revelations Trilogy Book 1) by Fiona Skye

Four years ago, crime beat reporter Riley O’Rourke changed the world. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely her fault.
Her mentor, a 3,000yearold vampire, destroyed Tucson police headquarters during a fight with a sorcerer. Footage of the fight went viral on the internet, and the existence of witches, and other wereanimals like Riley—was revealed. Humans went a little crazy. The Cats—and Wolves—were out of the bag, and only an act of Congress stopped the chaos.
But not all the...

Dreadwolves: A Sons Revenge 2nd Edition (Dreadwolf Series Book by Marie Pennington

Revenge for the Dreadwolf leader Tozi, boils in the heart of her enemy. Coaxoch has waited eighteen long years to get her revenge, finally the time has come. Coaxoch sends her son Xipil, to exact the revenge she so desperately desires. Seeking justice for his mother, Xipil enters the Dreadwolf Village only to meet the young Dreadwolf Quetzal. Will he go through with his mothers plans?

Dragonscale Leggings by Freya Pickard

What would you do if you woke up in a place you did not recognise, with no memory of who you are? Would you fall asleep again and hope to remember when you woke up next? Would you hide yourself away, giving into selfpity? Or would you walk out and explore this strange new world, hoping to recover your memory on the way?
Join the narrator of Dragonscale Leggings as she sets out to discover where she is, why she is there and how or if she can return home. Accompanied by Tygar, a white...

Hoarder's Nightmare by Mary C. Blowers

Beware of your stuff taking on a life of its own.
Do you think you might be a hoarder? Read about Mina, who buys something from a thrift store and has major trouble with it. Something gets lost in the clutter and could involve legal trouble! Read as she travels to distant places and finds treasures, bargains, and maybe even finds romance. But can it last?

The Chameleon Soldier by D.B. Silvis

In 1860, Killian Kilkenny, a twentyeight year old man, is trapping beaver in New Mexico. He encounters a Navajo Indian, who, in reality, is an alien. They fight and both shed blood. Killian is badly wounded, but kills the Indian, whose bluish blood flows into Killian’s eyes and mouth. Suddenly, the alien Indian bursts on fire, and then there’s a bright flash of blue light followed by a bluewhite ribbon of smoke, which rises into the sky. The body...