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TOUCHING THE WIRE: A doctor and nurse fight to save lives, and by Rebecca Bryn

Part One In the Shadow of the Wolf
In a death camp in 1940’s Poland, a young doctor and one of his nurses struggle to save lives. As their relationship blossoms, amid the death and deprivation, they join the camp resistance and, despite the danger of betrayal, he steals damning evidence of warcrimes. Afraid of repercussions, and for the sake of his postwar family he hides the evidence, but hard truths and terrible choices haunt him, as does a promise not kept.
Part Two – Though...

Not Forgotten (The Harbour Bay Book 1) by Camille Taylor

Detective Matt Murphy is assigned the case no one else wants.
The Butcher is a ghost, killing all over Australia for years, and now he’s made the small coastal city of Harbour Bay his hunting ground. Up against a brick wall, Matt has no choice but to contact the only surviving Hallie Walker. But Hallie has been in a psychological rehabilitation centre since the double murder five years ago, and Matt needs help.
Gifted psychologist Natalie Miller sees a lot of herself in Hallie and...

It's Now My Time: Coffee, Poetry & The Past (A Memoir In Short by JAnn Bowers

Throughout this book, you will meet with me on several occasion for coffee while I tell you about the events that shaped my life and how they affected me. I hope I did justice to my family.
I don’t remember every detail of my past and wish people wouldn’t ask. I blocked out a lot and what is mentioned here is what I remember how things were. I know that I am the last girl out of the original family I was born into, and that everyone has left me here to face life by myself.

Shadow of Worlds by JD Lovil

Walk the Shadow of Worlds
Rafe is one of the few who can walk the spaces between parallel Earths.
Gods and master sorcerers are counted among the other Shadow Walkers.
Anything one can imagine can be found among the worlds. There are worlds of shining Order, and worlds of Stygian darkness where Chaos />
From the darkest world of Chaos comes the Scourge. Where it touches the worlds of Man, it brings disease, madness, and death.
It falls to Rafe and the other Shadow Walkers to...

Bernie Bumble Bee Has Lost His Buzz by Suzanne Pollen

The charming little story of triumph over
adversity as our hero Bernie mistakenly
believes that he has lost his buzz and the
ensuing adventure as he asks his friends
for help.

What Jennifer Knows by Wendy Janes

A vital member of her Surrey community, Jennifer Jacobs is dedicated to her job as a dance therapist, helping children with special needs to express themselves through movement. Wife of a successful though reclusive sculptor, Gerald, she is known for having a deep sense of empathy, making her a trusted confidante. So when two very different friends, Freya and Abi, both share information with her that at first seems to be an awkward coincidence, she doesn’t tell them. But as the weeks roll...

Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon (Bringer of Light Book 1) by Justin Sloan

Allie thinks she's a normal kid with normal problems on her first day of seventh grade. She hopes for a fresh start despite her mom being overseas with the Army, again. But none of that matters when she discovers that her mom has gone missing.
On the same day of her mom's disappearance, Allie finds the necklace her mom was never without. When the necklace magically teleports her new friend Daniel and her to Central Asia, she learns her necklace contains an ancient magic; the power of the...

Hung Up in Bemidji by Kathy Cohen

A rodeo company’s clown is found murdered in his hotel room. Crusty curmudgeon Cooper Lydell reluctantly takes on the dead guy’s job because he needs money and misses the rodeo life.
As if making himself the target of a 2,000 lb. bull isn’t enough, Cooper must figure out who the killer is after another employee is found murdered at a rodeo in northern Minnesota. It seems his life may depend on it.

Blood Renegades (Rebel Vampires Book 3) by Rosemary A Johns

Light lives for his vampire family. Now he may die for it.
ESCAPE INTO AWARDWINNING URBAN FANTASY… Light – rebel, lover, antihero – will be burnt at the stake in fourteen days. In a hidden, paranormal London, he’s been branded a traitor and terrorist Renegade – a Blood Lifer hunter of human slavers. "Thrilling fantasy... A compelling novel gripping and entertaining" Readers' Favorite 5
Liberty is a relentless interrogator. She’s been trained to hate Renegades. Yet when...

The Trampled Rose Collection (The Trampled Rose Series Book 4) by Michelle Lynn Brown

Own all three Trampled Rose Novels in one convenient bundle!
Miracles in Disguise – Since Kristina Talbot can remember, she’s tried to earn the love of men in her life, only to be hurt in the process. After her abusive husband’s death, she heads to New Mexico trying to get her life headed down a new road. But Nathan McKinley sets up a roadblock to her plan. His charming and gentle personality are no match for her lovestarved heart. Could he be the miracle she’s been praying...