From Where Does the Electrical Energy Come From?

From Where Does the Electrical Energy Come From?

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

The First Law Of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. This law is basic to both classical and modern physics and chemistry, and in both theory and practice it can never be violated. This law allows one form of energy to be converted to another under certain circumstances, for example a heat engine converts heat energy into energy of motion, but only a percentage is converted, the rest is lost as waste heat. In the case pf atomic energy, matter is converted to energy, and the entire quantity of matter and energy stays the same; they are said to be conserved. The First Law of Thermodynamics is not violated, but it can be restated to say this; the total quantity or amount of matter and energy in the universe remains the same.

However in this brief article I describe a commonplace, widely employed and well-known situation of electrical energy generation, where electrical energy apparently is generated out of nowhere. I created this science question. “Where Does the Electrical Energy Come From?” and it along with several others can be found on my website Philduke,weebly,com, along with descriptions and links to my 38 ebooks. Anyone who provides the correct answer to this question (in agreement with the accepted principles of physics) can get one or more of my ebooks free, by emailing me at Free Ebook.

Electric Generator

Portrait of Isaac Newton
Isaac Newton

Consider the operation of a hydroelectric plant. Water flows down and in the process turns a turbine, which turns an electric generator. The turning electric generator continuously produces electricity. The water flows down due to its weight, and its weight exists due to what is called the force of gravity, Sir Isaac Newton coined the word gravity from the Latin word gravitas, which means weight or heavy. He also wrote about “the force of gravity,” although in his Letters To Theologian Bentley he made clear that he did not believe in “action at a distance,” which appears to be how gravity works. It is the sun’s powerful gravity that jeeps the Earth and other planets of our Solar system in orbit. We are 93 million miles distant from the sun, and the heavenly body in our solar system furthest from the sun is Pluto, at roughly 350 billion miles (Pluto’s orbit is considerably elliptical, and so its distance varies considerably over time). It appears that gravity is acting at a considerable distance, but Sir Isaac stated that he did not believe in “action at a distance.” Then what is going on here?

It is the weight or heaviness of the water that does the work of turning the turbine and generator. Evidently the weight of water, due to gravity is a potential energy situation, and in hydroelectric generation of electricity the potential energy is employed, and after the water has reached its lower level it no longer has the potential energy. However it can still fall lower yet, and in the process lose and transfer still more energy, until the Earth’s center is reached, where there is no more gravity.

It is gravity that creates the water’s weight, and it is the water’s weight that turns the turbine and generator. From this it is evident that the water’s energy is due to the action of gravity upon it Then the original question becomes the question, where does the energy produced by the gravity come from? And, if you think about this for a while, you will realize that the question finally reduces to this: Where does gravity come from? Does it come from a source, or does it come out of nowhere?

The Two Possibilities

There are two possibilities here; Either The First Law Of Thermodynamics is violated, or it is not violated. Let us make the most reasonable and probable assumption, which is that The Law Of Energy Conservation is not violated. The hydroelectric plant reliably generates large amounts of electrical energy, the question is, where does the energy come from?

One can say that solar energy from the Sun evaporates water, which becomes clouds and then rain, and this is correct. However if water on the surface has opportunity to flow lower, it can still generate electrical energy. From this we see the Sun simply returns the water to where its weight can be employed to generate electricity. It says nothing about where the weight comes from.

Einstein’s Genius

Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein

It is a tribute to the great genius of Albert Einstein that he answered many important questions for us. He explained where sun and star shine come from. He gave us atomic energy, and I believe also achievable interstellar space flight by employing the Pares Space Warp Drive or Time Dilation. Just how practical interstellar space flight can be achieved by these methods is described in my ebook “Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult: Expanded New Edition” available from and Einstein also answered the questions of where gravity comes from, and how and why it comes to exist. I could just tell you his explanation, but I will not. I think it better for you to exercise your brains a little, and think about it.

But, I will give you a little hint. If the Thermodynamics First Lawn is valid, then the force of gravity must come from somewhere. It must come from another form of energy, or possibly something that is converted to energy. Just what else is there, that could be converted to energy?

Here is another hint: It is believed the universe exists as four different things; matter and energy, and space and time. We know that in theory matter and energy can be converted one to the other, how about space and time? Some people believe the universe is all different manifestations of the same underlying reality. In physics this is called “string theory”; in the Hindu Upanishads it says “All Is One,” Is it possible that if everything is really the same one underlying reality, any one manifestation can be converted to another? Since the hydroelectric generator does not experience a loss of mass or decrease in temperature or size, all that is left to change is time. Can time and gravity be somehow connected? Is it possible that time energy can be converted into force energy?

If gravity and time are somehow connected, then a change in one should result in a change in the other. Then for everything to be conserved, when gravity decreases time should increase. This is intrinsic to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and to test this atomic clocks were synchronized on the ground, and one was flown around for awhile under controlled conditions in a high altitude airplane. When the plane landed and the clocks were compared, it was found that the airplane clock had gained time over the clock on the ground. The explanation for this is that the weaker gravity at altitude produced an increase in the flow rate of time, as predicted by Albert Einstein. Evidently time and gravity are inversely connected. Send your explanation of how this works to produce electricity, and get a free ebook.

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

I previously wrote and published an ebook that described the use of Einstein’s Time Dilation to achieve interstellar space flight, and at the time it was written, I was not aware of the Pares Space Warp Drive Motor. When I learned about it, and its great promise for interstellar space flight, I added a new large section to the ebook that is devoted entirely to this important new development. The resulting ebook’s title is: “Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult: Expanded New Edition.” It is available at and also from and also from me via social media.
I have not changed the ebook’s price, it is still only $2.99, and if you cannot purchase the ebook just me on social media, and I will gift it to you. This ebook contains very detailed information concerning the space warp motor’s history, design, construction and operation, and also provides this promising new development’s Patent Pending information. This ebook’s detailed text, numerous references and 32 illustrations make it a valuable and interesting source of information concerning The Pares Space Warp Drive Motor. Or, perhaps I should call it The Pares Space Warp Starship Drive? Read the ebook and decide.
Best regards,

Phillip Duke Ph.D.
April 20, 2015.

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The First Law Of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed. This law is basic to both classical and modern physics and chemistry, and in both theory and practice it can never be violated. This law...

Interstellar Space Flight Is Not So Difficult: Expanded New by Phillip Duke

At the time the first edition of this book was first written and published, I was unaware of “The Pares Space Warp Drive Motor,” and I wrote about employing Time Dilation by approaching light speed as the method of achieving interstellar space flight. The concept of Time Dilation (time slowing down) by approaching light speed is fundamental to modern physics, and has been experimentally confirmed (for subatomic particles). However it requires a fission atomic reactor (of the type that...

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