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In life you will always have to endure the tirades of an adversary. We would all like to believe that everyone on the planet will fall in love with everything we write. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are people out there that will not only dislike your work, but they will go out of their way to encourage you to give up your craft. Don’t listen to the book bullies, but do pay attention to honest well thought out critiques. You cannot focus on the comments of a book bully especially when you have more positive reviews than negative reviews. Always remember even the most famous prolific writes get bad reviews.
This is how you can tell the difference between book bullies, and an honest critique. A book bully will not take into consideration the hard work you put into your book. They will most likely begin their review with an insult such as:

This is the worst book ever written.
I fell asleep on the first page.
This person should never write again.
I hate this book.
This book sucks.

Book bullies make really harsh comments in order to get a rise out of you. They want you to react. There have even been instances where the book bullies did not even read the book they criticized. In this case you were either their competition, or this is a person that had a problem with you long before you began writing.

Honest critiques can be very helpful. These come from people who actually consider how much work you put into your book. I would pay attention to what these people have to say. Many times they will not put their critiques into a review. Instead they will contact you directly, whenever possible, and approach you as a teacher would approach a student. Don’t get defensive and go deaf or blind to what these people have to say. They don’t expect you to rewrite your book, but you can apply their advice to the book you’re currently working on. Their advice normally sounds like this:

You used incorrect grammar on page #.
You used an incorrect word on page #.
There should be a comma between this and that on page #.

These are wonderful comments that will help you improve your writing over time. This is especially true if you are a self-published author.
No one is immune to the negative poison received from the book bullies. Even the most famous authors get negative reviews.
I even own a bestselling book with mistakes the editor should have caught before the release. You know what? I enjoyed it anyway. Maybe because I live by the philosophy that nothing is perfect. Don’t get me wrong, I believe you should always put your best foot forward. Since perfection doesn’t really exist I don’t aspire to achieve it.

Book bullies come out in droves when a book is so popular that it becomes a movie. People who have never read the book or watched the film crawl out of the wood works with an opinion. I have never understood how someone can have an opinion on something they have never read. Sometimes I wonder if these people live to spread negativity throughout the land. I personally believe if you don’t like something, and have nothing to offer towards its improvement then keep your mouth shut and move on.
Since this closely resembles to the right thing to do, I doubt the book bullies will adhere to it. Keep writing and remember the only person you need to compete against is you. There is enough room on the success ladder for everyone.

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Written by Nicky

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In life you will always have to endure the tirades of an adversary. We would all like to believe that everyone on the planet will fall in love with everything we write. Unfortunately, that is not the case. There are...

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