Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations

Make Your Own Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas is coming and one of our own family traditions as is the tradition of most families is the dressing of the Christmas tree. Each year, out would come the Christmas box, which was carefully stacked from the year before and we would as a family dress the tree. I often thought wouldn't it be nice if some of the decorations were handmade by members of the family, somehow it would add to the occasion.
So here is Readers Gazette's pick of handmade Christmas decoration guides

Juicy Bits Christmas Tree Owl

Christmas Tree Owl These delightful owls are made out of felt and you do need the ability to sew. I think they would make great little gifts as well as being ornaments for the Christmas tree. For more information on how to make these visit Jessica Levitt's website and blog Juicy Bits sewing design family life . Not only does she have 200 plus articles on her sewing and crafting but also a craft book out also.


Glittery Pinecone Ornaments

Glittery Pinecones These are kid friendly and I am sure kids would get a great deal of pleasure creating a ornament for their Christmas tree, not only that but you get the added delight of a walk in the forest gathering the pinecones. Apart from the pinecones, you are going to need glue, paint brush, a ribbon and some glitter. These were found at Mom Spotted Pinecone.


Christmas Eggnog Cup

Christmas Eggnog Cup Crochet a Christmas decoration cup filled with yummy eggnog, sprinkled with cinnamon and adorned with a sprig of holly! If you know how to crochet and have the time and the yarn why not try to make this delightful Eggnog Cup, the website HomeLife give good instructions on how to make this. Home Life Eggnog


Scented Christmas Ornaments

Scented Christmas Ornaments Fill your home with Christmas cheer with these fragrant christmas decorations you can make on your own. Just imagine the delicious smells of Christmas emanating from your Christmas tree and the room filling with spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peel or any other Christmassy fragrance you can find. Home Life Scented Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Painted Egg Ornaments

Christmas Painted Egg Ornaments Another Kid Friendly Ornament to make and I for one would have loved making these Christmas Painted Eggs as a child. It is not really painted in this example at Home Life but there is no reason why you could not, I hear it is all the rage in America at Easter. For full instructions on how to create these delightful ornaments head on over again to Home Life. Home Life Christmas Egg Ornaments.


Christmas Snowman Ornaments

Christmas Snowman Ornaments If you're looking for easy Christmas craft ideas, take a peek at this tutorial for how to make the cutest pom pom snowmen! It's a fun Christmas activity for all the family and again child friendly and not forgetting it's very cute too. You do need to make pom-poms but don't worry they have a link on how to do that. Homemade Gifts Snowman Ornaments.


Christmas Russian Doll Ornaments

Christmas Russian Doll Ornaments Make a Russian doll Christmas decoration: free sewing pattern. Use up oddments of felt to create an adorable festive babushka Christmas decoration created by Suzanna Drew-Edwards. This is another stitching with felt ornament, so for the template and instructions, head on over to allaboutyou Russian Christmas Dolls.


Christmas Pasta Ornaments

Christmas Pasta Ornaments Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments To Make From Plain Pasta. These really do look elegent and very affordable to make but please note the instructions provide say you need a hot glue gun and therefore this way to create these ornaments can not be classified as child safe. Head on over to Free Homemade Gifts Christmas Pasta Ornaments for the complete instructions.


Christmas Rudolph Reindeer Ornaments

Christmas Rudolph Reindeer Ornaments Make a Christmas Rudolph Reindeer Knitted Ornament with felt antlers and ears which give Rudolph his undeniable reindeer character. Best of all, they simply need to be cut out and stitched into position! head on over to Christmas Rudolph Reindeer Ornaments for the complete instructions.


Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments

Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments To make Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments you will need the following :-
1.. Salt
2.. Plain Flour
3.. Water
4.. Children to help create them as this is another Kid Friendly Christmas Project, for the complete instructions visit Free Homemade Gifts Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments.


I hope you enjoyed our list of handmade Christmas decorations, there is so much more that we could have included but decided on picking our favourite 10 for this year.

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Christmas is coming and one of our own family traditions as is the tradition of most families is the dressing of the Christmas tree. Each year, out would come the Christmas box, which was carefully stacked from the year...

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