Goal Setting When Writing A Book

Goal Setting When Writing A Book

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So you decided to write a book, but you do not know how to get started. You stare at a blank white page wishing the words would jump out of your head an on to the screen. What can you do to get over your anxiety? Just start typing, and let the book just flow out of you. Don’t worry about grammar and correct punctuation. Your first draft is far from your final draft. Consider it your idea draft don’t focus on time or place just tell the story. Once you get to certain spots in your book take notes, do your research, and don’t be afraid to interview people.

The first draft for your book should never be considered a final draft. So don’t be afraid to write exactly what flows out of your mind. Don’t hold back, because you cannot decide if a certain scene would make sense or fit into a particular chapter. Put it in the book so you don’t forget your idea. You can always rewrite it or move it later. Don’t worry too much about the characters either, at his point you just want to give them names and determine who your antagonist and protagonist are. Keep this up all the way to the first ending of your book, but don’t rush it.

Now that you have finished the first draft create a list of unanswered questions. Reread your book, and make detailed notes. Pay attention to what’s missing or does not make sense. During the second and third drafts of your book don’t focus on grammar and spelling errors, because you’re still in creative mode. Write out at least a paragraph for each unanswered question including plot and character development. Ad in your research to really make your story feel authentic.

In the fourth and fifth draft create the setting. This is when you introduce the time, place, and bring rooms to life. Your characters go from two D to three D. What do they look like? How do they live? Who are they? Make sure your ideas are in order. Does your book have and easy to read flow? Are you getting stuck in places? If you find when you reread your book that you can stop and walk away then rewrite that page. You should be able to write your book over and over and keep interested.

Bye the time you get to this seventh draft start editing your book for grammar and spelling. Don’t try and do it all in one day. Slow down and go through each page one at a time. This was a hard lesson for me to learn. I recommend you edit two pages a day. As a self-published author this was the easiest way to for me to fit editing into by busy schedule. I am also determined to make each book better as I continue writing.

Once you finish going through your book start with the last page and read your book backwards. Why read it backwards you may ask? If you read from the last page to the first page you will be able to catch errors you may have missed because your eyes grew tired as you searched for items that needed to be corrected. You will also be able to tell if your thoughts are organized. I know it sounds strange, but it helped me to improve when I wrote my second book “The Cleansing.”

The last thing you must do, after you copywriter, is give your book to a friend to read. Do not pick someone who will just tell you what you want to hear. Choose someone that will really tell you if the book is interesting or not. You want someone that will say, “Hey you messed up on page #.” A friend will tell you the areas that are lacking just don’t get offended. Go ahead and fix the problem. Don’t be so arrogant that you just throw a book on amazon or nook, and you end up getting terrible reviews.

The person may not catch all of your mistakes, but if nothing else you will have an idea of how interesting your book is. That person can also be your first reviewer. Once you post your book keep writing and do your best to top yourself. Don’t worry about other people’s writing styles. People who love to read tend to read more than one book. Just keep doing what you love and good luck.

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So you decided to write a book, but you do not know how to get started. You stare at a blank white page wishing the words would jump out of your head an on to the screen. What can you do to get over your anxiety? Just...

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