Traditional Christmas Dinners Around The World

Traditional Christmas Dinners Around The World

Here is the Readers Gazette's guide to the different traditional Christmas dinners you can expect from around the world.

UK and American Christmas Dinner

Christmas Holly Christmas Day Dinner Starters would normally consist of something light, maybe a serving of smoked salmon and cream cheese served on biscuits or bread. Other starters include small half melons with a drop of port wine in the middle which is simple to make and simply delicious to eat, the classic prawn cocktail is another starter that is traditionally eaten at Christmas.

visit christmasstockimages Christmas would not be Christmas without the traditional Christmas day dinner, most people in the UK and America would agree when it comes to the Christmas Day Dinner it has to be butter basted roast turkey covered in bacon strips with roast potatoes, sage and onion stuffing, sweet potatoes, onions, swede, turnips, parsnips, leeks and of course peas and mashed potatoes.

Add to that Buttered Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts and Pigs in a Blanket, sausages wrapped in bacon, which my dear mum when she was alive called Devils on Horseback, mainly because it sounded more manly for us guys when we were growing up. In fact it was only today that I found out what exactly a Devil on Horseback was and I am so glad she swapped the prunes for sausages and renamed it.

Christmas Chef If your new to cooking or have never cooked a roasted turkey before it's a good idea to follow a recipe and watch a few videos on how to do it. I remember my first time doing the Christmas dinner and it was a disaster, never give the chef aka me a sip of wine while he is cooking, as the resulting turkey came out of the oven burnt on one side and still frozen on the other. I think my ex and I had a massive argument that year due to cooking inabilities and we ended up eating crisps and sweets, luckily we were at relatives for boxing day and finally got to eat properly.

Fancy something different this Christmas, how about trying Roast Lamb and garlic for a change. Once again cooked by The Original Naked Chef and not the world famous one. To see more of this chefs cooking visit his Youtube page Original Naked Chef.

Oops I forgot to mention, buy your cranberry or red current sauce and turkey gravy early or you might find all the shops sold out.

visit christmasstockimages One way that America is different to the UK is their choice of Christmas day desserts, where us in the UK are stuck with the traditional Christmas Day Pudding, they get to choose from Apple pie, Mince pie, Pecan pie, Pumpkin pie and Sweet potato pie which to me sounds a far better way to finish the meal off with. But tradition is tradition in the UK and if you served a guest a Christmas Dinner without offering them Christmas Pudding they would go home feeling they were robbed. It would be as near sacrilege as denying them access to a TV at 3pm to hear the Queens Speech, which you would just never do.


Around The World

visit christmasstockimages In Austria they usually serve goose and ham served with a mulled wine or punch, they often eat fried carp on Christmas eve.
A traditional Christmas meal in the Czech Republic is fried carp and potato salad which are eaten during Christmas dinner in the evening of 24 December.
In Denmark Christmas Dinner is also served on Christmas Eve, they would eat duck, goose or pork. Their Christmas Pudding is a rice dish with one serving having an almond hidden in it, just like the British Christmas Pudding with the sixpence hidden in one serving, it was thought lucky to find.

Christmas Holly In France, Christmas Dinner was held the evening of Christmas Eve and would be a long dinner party called a réveillon it would normally be meatless with dishes like Ratatouille on Christmas Day they like most of Europe might eat roasted goose.
In Germany, depending in which part you lived would decide if you would have Christmas Dinner Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, the main meal would consist of carp, goose, suckling pig or duck.

Christmas Holly Italy again it depends which part you live to when the main Christmas Dinner is served, a lot of Italians have it on Christmas Eve as a supper before Christmas Mass which consists of a pasta soup with meats, on Christmas Day they would eat lamb, fish or poultry.
Most of the other European countries also celebrate on Christmas Eve evening and some only when the first star of the night appears. Mexico, Spain and Philippines all celebrate Noche Buena on Christmas Eve, I guess since the Spanish have had prominent pasts with Mexico and Philippines and they had brought their catholic religion to these countries.


I hope you enjoyed our Traditional Christmas Day Dinner Article, leave a comment below if you did.

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Christmas would not be Christmas without the traditional Christmas day dinner, most people in the UK and America would agree when it comes to the Christmas Day Dinner it has to be butter basted roast turkey covered in...

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