How To Copy A Tweet And Then Pin That Tweet

How To Copy A Tweet And Then Pin That Tweet

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A Pinned Tweet is one of the most important tweets that you will make, it becomes the top tweet on your profile page and stays there until you unpin it or replace it.
Because of this it will get seen a lot more than any other tweet you make at the same time, it will be your number one tweet for re-tweeting.
You can only Pin tweets that you have made yourself, so this little tutorial will show you how to save a tweet image and re-upload it to use for your own tweet.
You might use this technique to make a Readers Gazette tweet about your novel Pin-able.
For this example we are going to use a tweet already posted to our twitter page but it could be an image you found somewhere else or your Readers Gazette book tweet, that we had tweeted for you.

Readers Gazette Tweet

Right click the image part of the tweet and then click save picture as, a box will appear allowing you to pick a destination on your computer and re-name the file.

Save Picture

As you can see I decided to save in my Downloads folder and renamed the file name to apin1.jpg.


Now that we have our image lets click the TWEET button, you will find it at the top right of your Twitter page.

Compose New Tweet

Compose New Tweet

Remember you have only 140 characters to tweet with.
A link with take up 23 characters even if you shorten it.
An Image will take another 24 characters.
Leaving you with just 93 characters to compose your tweet, spaces and newlines count as characters.

First I clicked the Media button, the load image box appears, I entered the saved picture and clicked open at the bottom of the box, then I just copied and pasted the original tweet text then added an extra line, the extra words have turned the word count at the bottom of the Tweet box negative and the last characters of the tweet have turned pink to say the tweet is too long.

So I removed the extra line, so that the tweet would tweet.
I then pressed the tweet button at the bottom right of this box and twitter processed the tweet and then tweeted it for me.

Pin A Tweet

Pin A Tweet

When you Pin your tweet, you are placing it at the top of your profile page, it will be the first tweet anyone visiting your profile will see, this is your most important tweet and will get re-tweeted more than any other made at the same time.
Remember to visit your profile and change this pinned tweet every now and again.

Click the Ellipsis (3 little dots) at the bottom of a tweet you have posted, it wont work for other peoples tweets just your own. A little box appears, click where it says Pin to your profile page, then click the confirmation and that is it, you have successfully pinned your twit to your profile page.

Images used for this article include Readers Gazette Images.


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A Pinned Tweet is one of the most important tweets that you will make, it becomes the top tweet on your profile page and stays there until you unpin it or replace it. Because of this it will get seen a lot more than any...

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