Create An Authors Facebook Page And Fill It

Create An Authors Facebook Page And Fill It.

Readers Gazette

I notice more and more Authors sign up to Readers Gazette without a Fan Page on Facebook or worst a badly designed one.
When I am checking an Authors Page on Facebook to confirm the person signing up to join Readers Gazette is an author and that their books fit our requirements, I often can't find them on their Authors Page.
So here is my quick guide to creating an Authors Page on Facebook.

Finding Create A Page.

Finding Create A Page

At (position 1) as shown in the picture above, click the little inverted black triangle and go down to (position 2) Create Page and click it.
The screen will change to a similar image to this one in the above picture.
At (position 3) click the box Artist, Band or Public Figure.

Choose A Category And Name.

Choose A Category And Name

Open the Choose A Category drop down list and scroll down to Author and click it.
Now enter the name of your Authors Page in the Name box, use your name that you go by on your books and either add Author to the beginning or the end, check how other authors prefer to name their Author Pages if you are not sure.
When you are finished click the Get Started Button.

Set Up Your Authors Page.

Set Up Your Authors Page

The Red Highlighted box get searched by Facebook, so make sure you have your keywords included in whatever you write in here to describe yourself as an author.
Keep it consise mention your an author, the genres your books are etc.

You have only 155 characters to add a description in the box we highlighted red.
It is a good idea to see what other authors have written in their description box.
Don't add any links in the red box it will look scruffy.
Add your link in the blue highlighted box, sadly you can only add one so make sure it is the one you want people/readers to visit.
Below these boxes you can add your unique Facebook web address, again check what other authors have done but I am guessing it will be the same as you entered earlier.
There is four sections to this Set up page :-
1 About ( Which we just filled in )
2 Profile Picture ( we can do that in the next section below )
3 Add to Favourites ( hmmm but we haven't finished yet )
4 Preferred Page Audience ( just click in this one and set any options that you require, maybe drop the age range from 18 to 13 especially if you have written children's books ).
When your finished click the Save Info button which is just below these boxes to the right and the next page will load.

Filling Your Authors Page

Filling Your Authors Page

I left the page then clicked to re-open it, I found the page had been added in the left hand side of my facebook news feed page i.e. the page I see whats happening on facebook not my timeline page.

At (position 1) you can see my Authors page url, the numbers at the end of it, tells us I didn't fill in the unique Facebook web address as shown in the last pic but I can change this later but really should have done it at the time.

At (position 2) you can see a little camera, click this to add your cover picture, at present Facebook prefers images to be 851px wide and 315px high. Facebook will try to fit in images that are different sizes but remember smaller images made bigger will look very scruffy.
Need help then read this Create A Basic Facebook Cover From A Book

At (position 3) you can see another little camera, click this to add your profile picture, this will get displayed at 160px square but should be uploaded at 180px square.

At (position 4) You can create a call to action, maybe a signup for your email newsletter or a link to where they can buy your book from.

At (position 5) The About box, you can see what you entered for a description earlier, if you click the arrow going right at the top right of the box you will be directed to a PAGE INFO page where you can add many more details or edit your description.

At (position 6) You can create albums for your photos.

Filling Your About Tab

Filling Your About Tab

In the about tab you can add longer descriptions, 3 topics that describe your page, your twitter, pinterest links etc.

In the FAVOURITE BOOKS section I added made up books since I have not published any yet, I included links to amazon as I don't see this as breaking their 3rd party advertising rule especially since I did NOT include my affiliate id in the link.
You could probably copy and paste info you have already written elsewhere to fill in these boxes which would save you a lot of time re-writing it all. I added a quick cover and profile image just to stop the page looking boring, to see how to create this cover visit Create A Basic Facebook Cover From A Book
Have you visited the other article I wrote How To Copy A Tweet And Then Pin That Tweet everybody that uses Twitter should be pinning their tweets.

Now that you have filled in your Author Page ADD YOUR BOOKS in the status comment box, upload your photo images and add some text, the text should be title of book, the links to your book on amazon itunes etc and then a description from the backcover, you could even add hashtags.
Sadly these comments will go down your timeline as you add new comments, so PIN one of them so that it stays at the top. To PIN a status, just go to the one you want to pin, in its top right corner is a little arrow/chevron pointing down click it and click PIN TO TOP.

Images used for this article include Readers Gazette Images.


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I notice more and more Authors sign up to Readers Gazette without a Fan Page on Facebook or worst a badly designed one. When I am checking an Authors Page on Facebook to confirm the person signing up to join Readers...

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