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The Social Author.

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So you have written your novels and they sit waiting to be grabbed off of Amazon or one of the other Internet Book Stores and there they sit waiting and waiting.
The problem with Amazon or anywhere else is they have millions of books, sadly they have thousands of books written by authors just like you that are free, free books are great, a lot of them are well written but the problem is, if readers are reading a free book then they are not reading yours and there is not much you can do about that, all you can do is try to make your book look better than theirs.

Give Your Book A Chance To Succeed.

Be Creative If no-one knows about your book, it won't get bought, you need people to see it and this really is going back to basics in book promotion. The Book Cover needs to be eye catching, it needs to represent exactly what your book is about, it needs to fit the genre, be pleasing to the age group and sex of the potential buyer, it needs to say LOOK INSIDE ME and then buy me.
An author takes words and shapes them into a smooth and stylish story, that will thrill you right up to the end, whilst an artist takes shapes, colors, fonts and blends them onto a page to give a visually pleasing book cover.
Book covers can become quite expensive but I have seen some great ones made on the website fiver, if you do go down this route then remember you will not own the copyright for the image used, other books will come along using the same image, if this does not bother you then at least make sure the artist has the right to use the image for the book cover, since it is you that will have to remove it and get another one done if not.
The Blurb needs to grab the potential readers imagination so that they dare not pass this book by, not everyone can write a good blurb, it is completely different to writing a novel. So many authors spend far too little time on their blurbs, they are losing sales because of it.
I have often seen blurbs start off like this:- This is a book about a young girl and the pony she has found and how they try to evade bad men who want to take her new friend away..... It stinks
It should be more like the blurbs you see for movies, the ones where they entice you to go see it. They fill you up with emotions so that you can relate to the movie before seeing it. It works just as well for books.
If you don't have a Great Cover and Finely tuned blurb then you are wasting your time promoting.
Authors often belong to writing groups, I am sure you do, if you don't then you should just for the networking they offer. So when you are ready to try out a new blurb for your novel, DO NOT ASK THE GROUP WHAT THEY THINK but post your blurb and ask them to make it better, otherwise you will get 20 replies saying its the best they have read, sadly authors like to be too positive in their support with each other and this, while moral boosting is not what you want, you want a better blurb even if someone tears away at your effort, since at the end of the day you want to sell books and not just feel good inside.
Clever Tip Some website like Readers Gazette will do searches within your blurb for keywords, so remember to include as many keywords as possible while keeping the blurb fascinating.

You Really Do Need A Fan Page and Website or Blog.

social media words

A Facebook fan page does not take very long to set up but you will need to some art for its banner and profile picture, so try to be as professional as you can in its design, most authors use images from their books which seems a good idea.
If you are doing your own check out Create A Basic Facebook Cover From A Book it is a little guide we did, to show how you use a paint program to manipulate images, we also have a guide on Create An Authors Facebook Page And Fill It.
Blogs and Websites need not be very taxing to create as there are many that help you design your layout and show you how to add your content to your pages nowadays.
The biggest problem is finding content to fill them with, my advice would be make sure visitors can see your an author and can see your books and where to buy them. make sure you mention any awards or articles you have written, it makes you look all the more the author.
Then add interesting information about the topics that would interest readers of your book, if your books are about little girls and their ponies then that is the kind of content you want to add. We are not just doing this to fill our pages up but in the hope, someone sees it and shares the info and link back to you.

Blue Bird This is where Twitter is extremely good, you post a tweet mentioning your website and add hashtags/words that best relate to your subject, along comes all the twitter bots looking for these keywords and before you know it, they are re-tweeting your tweet to their masses who would find your articles interesting. The thing with Twitter is that you need to experiment with your words and make sure each word counts.
Readers Gazette's biggest hits came from when we posted on our fan page an article about Enid Blyton, the fan page automatically tweets to Twitter where a Enid Blyton Facebook Fan Page administrator read the tweet and followed the link, they then posted it to their 300,000 plus fans on Facebook.
The thing I did wrong was I never thanked them via a message for covering my article which I really should have done.
Clever Tip To link your fan page to Twitter follow Facebook's easy guide Link Facebook To Twitter
Remember that everything you do socially is geared to promoting you and your books in their best possible light, if you have written articles for other websites then let everyone know of them on your pages, if you have won awards let everyone know. Make yourself look the part, make others believe you know what you are talking about and keep everything you do positive and professional looking.

Be A Better Author Socially

social words

The clever author does not give away their religious belief, nor political standpoint or any other information that might group them within a group. They do this so they do not get into arguments that everyone else can see, it is a killer to everything you have worked so hard to build about yourself.
If you are a staunch socialist and post constantly your political beliefs then you really do damage yourself from potential earnings from people who do not share those same beliefs, they are going to believe your books are full of socialist ideas that they do not share or want to hear about, so don't do it. The same applies to whatever side politically you swing to.
I know I do it, most people do but it really is self-harming. The only exclusion is if you write Christian books, the potential reader would expect you to be a Christian but again it doesn't give you the right to harm yourself by arguing your beliefs online, so keep debating such things to private messages rather than out in the open.

Should I Share Other Authors Books

Yes, by all means share book related authors adverts to your wall, if you think the people that will read your walls will be happy to see them just don't pollute them with too many, it is a fine balance that you will need to decide for Facebook, after all you are trying to promote yourself first and everybody else next and too much of any and people will start to hide your posts. On Twitter as long as you re-tweet yourself in between other tweets then it is not so bad and remember to pin your book advert to the top of your twitter wall and Facebook page. Google plus I admit is still a mystery to me so I can not really advise you for them.
We explain how to pin a tweet here How To Copy A Tweet And Then Pin That Tweet
The thing about all social sites is they are all different, but lets face it no matter what you post will never get as many likes as a picture of a cute kitten and that applies to anywhere that you post it, don't believe me, then try it and see.
I have been testing this out on the Readers Gazette Facebook page and have found that the biggest hits and people actually following a book link is when I type in a personal message about one of the books I would be advertising, sometimes just adding "This looks good, I am adding it my reading list" does wonders, it also inspires others to comment also.

Ways To Promote For Free

Promote for free I mentioned above about sharing other authors promotions, which is great for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. Hopefully they will share your promotions also but you have to build up a relationship first.
Join groups for Authors where the main point is to discuss different ways to promote yourself, a lot of authors have already tried many of the things you are about to try and will be able to steer you in a more positive direction hopefully.
Promote your books in those other groups for book promotion but don't spam them and don't post the same thing everywhere, your followers will soon start hiding your posts. On Facebook I often see an author has posted the same book advert to every group they are a member to and all at the same time, my feed becomes one big advert of all his/her posts, it is very annoying and very harmful for that authors credibility.
Clever Tip Book Promotion Groups on Facebook and Google Plus, are usually full of other authors, you are not going to get many sales from them but your book will get seen, so don't count this as your main promotion.
Join Groups that are about your subject i.e. If you write sci-fi then be a member on every sci-fi discussion group, it doesn't have to be just books but also movies, TV series etc, chat with them and eventually when asked tell them of your sci-fi novels.
Get involved with other authors and start doing blog tours, interviews and everything else that will get you seen within a new group of people, you really do have to be social, but fresh faces means fresh sales and they will start tallying up.

Does Paid Advertising Pay

Dollars Oh dear that is a question and the answer depends on so many factors, my best answer is to to say ask other authors in a group but remember they will be talking about results for their book.
If your book is in the same genre as theirs, if your book has the same quality of book cover and blurb and has the same type of review results then you can pretty well judge how well your book should perform.
Most authors I have spoken too have said they either lost money or made a very small profit, so it seems the promoter does best of all but some authors have had a good success from paid advertising, so it really is hard to judge.
If you do go down this route then make sure you have a great cover and blurb before doing so.

In The End

Having a great cover and book selling blurb will help your book when it is seen.
Having a website, blog and fan pages will help you interact socially as long as they look professional and you keep them updated with relevant content which we hope will get seen and re-posted.
Staying professional and not getting into arguments or labelled will help you from losing sales or author friends.
Sharing other authors work and being seen as a proactive helper to other authors will help you network and hopefully they will share your books.
Find Potential Readers The biggest way to create sales is to find your target audience then find where they hang out socially and go and talk to them, in their groups and forums, never just post your book advert and run but instead chat then when asked tell them your an author and here is your book. Sure this is the most time consuming but it is also the most likely to succeed.
Clever Tip Example If you write children's book then check out websites aimed at Mothers and Toddlers, if they have a big user base and accept articles, ask them if you can a write an article for them, they are sure to mention your book and websites but make sure first.
The biggest way to lose sales, is to over promote or spam, if you send your book advert in a welcome message to new friends, I am pretty sure most will at least hide all your comments in future and at worst instantly unfriend you. So don't do it.

If you liked this article then please remember to share it or leave a comment, remember articles are like books, they don't get seen if nobody knows about them.

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