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Click to Subscribe Newsletter Exclusive Competitions, information about our website promotions and news on all other authors competitions and promotions, so by subscribing you will be up to date with all these great chances to win prizes.

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Authors often make their books free or at a Bargain Price for limited periods, mainly for one or two days and it is very easy to miss out unless your in the know. Another great reason to subscribe.

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Should I shouldn't I buy this book, well with helpful unbiased reviews maybe we can help you decide.

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Find out interesting facts about the authors whose books you enjoy reading, who are they? What do they do when not writing? Maybe you have a question you would like them to answer!

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Authors often have a blog that they update regular, we hope to keep you informed on which author is blogging what.

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The world of books especially Ebooks seems to be a fast moving and often hectic world at the moment, keep in touch to whats happening now.

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