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Short Story Rock and Roll the Comic Books

Rock and Roll the Comic Books by John Pirillo Fantasy short story

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“A Cartoon Story”
It was a fierce battle, and no one was going to back off. No one was going to give an inch without getting blood in return. Lots of blood.

Trouble was, it was all from his picking fingers. They hurt like someone was cutting off a piece at a time and were starting to bleed. But he was relentless, he couldn't give up, because the fate of a world depended on him.

He was the Rock and Roll King and the beautiful Princess beside him, Cartoon, was the woman of his heart and soul and he couldn't let her be swept away by the hordes of Zombie guitar players who were hungry for her body, as well as her soul.

So he kept on picking at his electric guitar, his Jimmie Hendrix afro, flagging in the breeze of all the megawatt amps behind him and the ones behind the Zombie King, who was rocking on from the other side of the zombie horde, using the power of his rock and roll to stir them, to move them, to guide and rush them for he and Cartoon.

Johnnie had fought a lot of weird battles lately, but this had to take the cake for the most blood he'd shit.

“Oh shitzleputt!” He cursed as one of his picking fingers got so greasy from blood that he made a bad note.

That gave the zombie horde all the time they needed to reach the platform he and Cartoon were on. She took out her drum sticks, the ones he had gotten from the comic book Rock and Roll Stars and began poking at the closer ones. Each poke took out a zombie, but for every zombie she poked and annihilated into a cloud of gray and blood colored dust, came another one, just as eager as the last to take a bite of her tender flesh and anoint her into zombie hood.

“You won't win this battle, Johnnie!” Screamed the Zombie King. “My Mojo is greater than yours.”

“You have no Mojo.” He hollered back, staring down the monster. “Because you don't even know what it means, you son of a dog bone!”

The Zombie King snarled, revealed all twenty of his scary teeth, each one of them capped with gold and diamond studs. “Pretend you're tough, but admit it, this time I win!”

Johnnie reached into his back pocket where he kept the comic with the Rock and Roll King. Issue Number Ten, where the Rock and Roll King had a blaster for a right hand that could knock space ship out of the sky. He hurriedly thumbed through the pages, feeling the energies grow. He was getting better at this.

Then he started to lose the energies, until Cartoon put both her hands over his and gave him that smile that would knock the socks off a space suited astronaut.

His right hand flew up, now a cartoon blaster and he began firing into the horde. Zombie parts flew into the air, their snarls continuing as their heads separated from their bodies, then there was only one left. The Zombie King.

The Zombie King put down the bone guitar he had been playing and stomped across the space of the auditorium towards them.
“I don't need hordes to finish you!”

Johnnie let the blaster hand dissolve back into his good right hand again, then pulled Cartoon against him. He felt her warmth suffusing his body for a moment, then said. “You don't have to stay with me.”

“I'm not going anywhere without you. If you die, I'd rather not live!”

“But that monster won't let you die! He'll suck your flesh dry for centuries!”

“Just let him try!” She cursed, her eyes flashing with fury, then turned to join me in the battle. We raised our silver swords tipped with Twinkies. They were deadly. The only way you can slice and dice a living zombie like the Zombie King is with one of those. It may sound a bit Disney, but it's true. They hate Twinkies. It separates them from their bones, and dissolves them back into dust ands them off to LaLa Land where they have to face the karmas they've created by their horrible deeds.

Oh yes, and in case you were wondering, not all zombies are made that way. Some choose to be that way. They're the worst and they're usually led by a scoundrel like the Zombie King. God knows I'd dissolved him a hundred times by now, but his hatred for me and humanity was so strong that he kept coming back from the dead.

Some day, when...if...I had the time, I'd have to do some research to see why he gets away with dying so many times and coming back.

Was another human re-energizing raising him, a black sorcerer type like those from Doctor Strange. Speaking of which, I'd forgot to close up my Doctor Strange back home. I just hoped Elizabeth didn't sneak in and start reading it, it might let loose a horde of different monsters for me to take out.

The Zombie King leaped to the stage I and Cartoon stood upon and raised two swords over our heads. “Which to die first. Eeny, Meeny, Miney.”

Cartoon and I both swung our Twinkie swords at the same time, one beheading him, the other slicing his body from neck to abdomen.

His head clunked to the platform we stood on, making a kind of squishy sound, then his eyes looked up at us. “Oops!”

Then the head and the halved skeleton all made a powder puff explosion and vanished into gray and red dust.

Cartoon and I choked on it for a moment, then took a deep breath as we leaped off the platform, which dissolved, along with all the remains of the battlefield. The local Wal-Mart store. Most of the patrons had scurried out as fast as they could when the zombies came a biting.

We exited the huge store, then hugged.

“One of these days we really gotta get a life.” I told her.

“You do.” She said, smiling as she raised her lips for a kiss. “Me!”

We kissed. Oh, did I tell you that I really, really love this girl. Even if she is a cartoon.

To see more of John Pirillo's work, click the link to his website or scroll down to the bottom of the page to view his member details Visit John Pirillo's Website.

First one in series: Cartoon Episode One: Shades of Gray, the Portal Opens (99 cents)
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Short Story written by John

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It was a fierce battle, and no one was going to back off. No one was going to give an inch without getting blood in return. Lots of blood. Trouble was, it was all from his picking fingers. They hurt like someone was...

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