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Short Story Who Cares?

Who Cares by Haidji Inspirational short story

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Ooops…the moment that Nevaeh started to get jealous about people dying of cancer, he realized that it was time for him to start to get out of his depression.

He was at school and Sonja, his best friend asked him:
“Why are you so depressed, Nevaeh? Imagine what it would be like if you would have cancer!”
“If I would have cancer, then I could simply die without feeling guilty about it; destiny decided the end of my life and I could just go…who cares?”
“Nevaeh! What are you speaking about? It would be terrible.
I care about you; and you, you should care about yourself too.”

Nevaeh, who had this name because his teenaged mother thought that it would be a cool name for a boy, felt more close to Hell than to Heaven…at this moment in his life.

He could not stand himself. Suddenly he realized that he would need to deal with himself for all eternity. This thought was overwhelming. Profoundly depressing, to figure out that he could take everyone else out of his life, but not himself. Never himself, he would be always there. Not easy to deal with this situation when you look into the mirror and don’t like what you see. When you look around yourself and don’t like the way you’re living. When you are the only one who is really responsible for the results of your own actions, or for the lack of actions.

Sitting in his bed at night, he said to himself:
“I will be with myself for all eternity…maybe longer…OMG, this is so overwhelming! I need to tell Sonja about it.”
Nevaeh called Sonja, to speak about it.
“Hi Sonja, can I stay with you as my best friend for all eternity and then figure out a way to send myself away?”

Sonja, who was already used to the strange direction that his thoughts used to take sometimes, answered:
“No, I like the way you are, don’t send yourself away. Recover the happy dreamer inside of you, he is just sick for a while, all will be fine, Nevaeh. Calm down.”

A few days later, during Science class, the teacher explained about transmutation:
“We have the Biological transmutation that occurs with living organisms; the Dimensional transmutation, which transforms a pure number into a parameter with a dimension; the Nuclear transmutation that is the conversion of one chemical element or isotope into another through nuclear reaction; and the transmutation of Species, which is the alteration from one species into another.”
Nevaeh, who used to almost fall asleep while in his Science class, felt like he was having an Epiphany:
“I thought that I would need a…a philosophers’ stone, or the elixir of life…but all I need is a nuclear plant!”

The teacher continued…
“But, in modern times…maybe radioactivity or the bombardment of elements with high speed particles or ions using a particle accelerator, changing the number of protons in the atomic nucleus…” But Neveah wasn’t hearing anymore. Once inside of his own thoughts…he did not pay attention to whatever it was around him.

“Should I move next to a nuclear power source, Sonja? I need a transmutation,” he said to her, after the class.

“Nevaeh! What nonsense! All you need is to smile more…to see the good things in your daily are so great! You are so…how can I say? Handsome? Where does all this anger come from? Remember to smile every day; move your bed to the other side of your Bedroom to remind you that, Sometimes, all that your mind needs is a spark from the outside to not let the water of your own tears extinguish the flame of dreams inside of you. Now let’s go and eat something you like, it is lunch time.”

Nevaeh went with Sonja to the restaurant around the corner. With some hamburger and cheese in his mouth, drinking some Coke to rinse it down, Nevaeh promised Sonja that he would move his bed to the other side of his Bedroom.

That afternoon, back home, alone in his bedroom, Nevaeh moved his bed to the other side of the room. He promised it, so, he did it; feeling like an honorable knight and a gentleman too, he moved his bed.

Nevaeh was as tired as a construction worker after all this moving, but he could not sleep well that night. His dreams were very agitating. Like a nuclear explosion, all his anger came over him and he woke up several times, punching his pillows. Twice he stood up, thinking about whether to move his bed back to its original place.

We are used to our problems, we are used to being sad, we are habituated to all things; but changes are scary, whether good or bad, they are scary. Sometimes it is easier to live with the company of our old friend, sadness, then to go and look for new ones. But a promise is a promise, and Sonja was his best friend, so he did not move the bed back. He was an honorable knight and a gentleman.

When Nevaeh woke up in the morning, he was exhausted. Too tired to be depressed, too tired to move his bed back, too tired to speak…Nevaeh looked into the mirror, and saw himself.
Actually, he liked his eyes.
Actually, he liked his mouth and face.
Actually, he thought that he was ok…and a draft of a smile appeared on his face.

At school, Sonja could see it on his face.
“Hey, you moved the bed! Great! Let’s celebrate!”
They went again to their preferred lunch restaurant, just around the corner.

The transmutation had started.
Some more drafts of smiles came over his face, before they would turn from a sketch into a painting. Neveah had started to dream again.

Time passed by and one day, suddenly at lunchtime, again at their preferred lunch restaurant and with hamburger, cheese and Coke in his mouth, like things are, Neveah said:

“I have all eternity to be with myself; and yes, it is overwhelming, but this is overwhelming in a good way because now, I have all eternity to figure out how to keep you close to me for all this endless time…”

Sonja said:

“The present moment is eternal, and I am here now. All you need to do is to be with me in the present and I will be there for you when tomorrow comes, and paint drafts of smiles on your face again and again, hoping to see them turning into paintings made by the colors of your dreams.”

“…And all I needed to do to be happy again was to move my bed to the other side of the room…Amazing!” said Nevaeh. Lost inside his own thoughts, he had not really paid attention to Sonja’s words. But his soul did, and Sonja knew it.

Sonja smiled. People think too much about Future and Past, instead of taking care of the present. They think too much about people and situations in their past or in future, about what they did right or wrong, trying to avoid applying the same rule, instead of taking care of the ones around them. There are no “same rules”; people are different, sometimes it is not the rule that was wrong, but the person. Move your bed to the other side of the room. Be happy now, and tomorrow will be a better day. With smiles you can build happiness, step by step. Day after day. And one day you realize that yes; eternity does exist and is always there for you, giving you a chance to smile again.
It is called the “Present Moment”.

All you need to do is to move your bed to the other side of the room, to send your old nightmares away, so that your good dreams can have space to rise into your day.

A thought can be, negative or positive, depending on how you feel about it.

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Short Story written by Haidji

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Ooops…the moment that Nevaeh started to get jealous about people dying of cancer, he realized that it was time for him to start to get out of his depression. He was at school and Sonja, his best friend asked him: ...

Harables: Short Stories 1 by Haidji

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