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Short Story The name of Dreams

The name of Dreams by Haidji Relationship short story

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Since the time we are born, we are trying to learn the name of everything, from objects around us, to persons, feelings, and situations… Sometimes, the most difficult thing to learn… is to learn the name of our dreams. Only when you figure out the name of your dreams, can you then call them, so that they will make you find the way of your dreams into your life.

Kelsey was maybe 7 and she already knew that she loved autumn and snow.
She could close her eyes and hear the call…the call of the snow, the call of the magic White Mountain.

Richard was born in a country with autumn, winter and snow. He learned to love the place he was born, maybe due to his happy Childhood, maybe due to his soul, maybe both; he already knew what he loved.

Traveling around the world, pursuing goals, Richard forgot sometimes what was important for him: while fulfilling other persons’ dreams, or chasing illusions, he was forgetting his own ones. Somewhere inside he felt sad about it; sometimes he did not have time to feel sad, cloistered on the reverse side of his dreams, without understanding why they never happened, and not really thinking about it.

One day, because the Earth makes all its effort to put persons with common dreams together, they will meet each other.
Richard brought Kelsey to a place that made her feel “Home” and finally, Kelsey could find a name for her dreams. This was the “White Mountain.”

Richard was happy, too. Finally he could find someone who shared the same dreams. They would make a way together, into it. It was amazing! His eyes were sparkling almost all the time.
They made plans and had ideas. They had faith, love and dreams.
They needed to go back there, to the White Mountain, together.

But, like life is, it wasn’t so easy to just forget about life and go back there again. They would need to work for it. There were obstacles. There were challenges. There were more challenges…

Obstacles bring fear with them. Fear brings doubts. Richard thought that Kelsey was stealing his dreams, dreams he had long before he meet her.
He always wanted someone that shared the same dreams, but as it happened, he felt like that was someone stealing something that had belonged to him, alone, since a long time ago. How can it be possible that someone has the same dreams and so many things in common? Was she a dream thief?

Is it the easiest way to make it, alone? “It is my dream. It was MY dream long before you came along. Don’t steal it. Now you are trying to make it your dream, too. But don’t forget, I don’t need to make it with you. I had this dream long before I met You. It is MINE. It is not ’our’ dream. It is MINE. I will make it alone and later, you can come along, if you find the way into it, Kelsey.”

For someone who always wanted to find a person who shared the same dream, with the first obstacles fear took the upper hand and Richard turned into someone who believed, but not one hundred percent anymore. “It is impossible, I should do it alone and never forget that it was my dream, first”, said Richard to himself.

Kelsey felt broken, hurt. She wasn’t a dream thief. She had the dream long before she met him in her life. It was her dream long before she even knew the difference between boys and girls. She could comprehend his words, even perceive them, but she could not understand them.
You comprehend with your soul. You understand with your mind. You perceive with your heart.

The Earth tries to connect persons with common dreams and the same wavelength, to make them happy. All that happened here is that Kelsey had finally found someone who shared the same dream, someone she always knew who existed somewhere, and this was one of the most amazing feelings in the world. To find someone who shares the same dreams and wants to fulfill them with you.
To work together for it. And to believe that everything is possible in life, when love and dreams are real.

And now, it was as would she be feeling jealous of people with cancer, because they can just die and they don’t need to feel responsible for the ones they left behind.
She drove her car too fast on the way home and her first thought was, no crash…? “Ok, I will stay here one day longer.”
She did not have a reason to die, but she would not mind if it would happen.

With or without knowing the name before, the White Mountain had always been her dream. She could hear the call. She wasn’t a dream thief. She didn’t want to be intrusive in someone else’s dreams.
The happiest moment in her day started to be when she would fall asleep and was there, in the White Mountain.

She woke up one morning, feeling the taste of snow on her mouth and realized that she should not fall into depression, or miss her last night’s dreams, but instead…bring the happiness of those dreams into her daily life. Work for it.

When people are greedy about money, they end up in scarcity. Money must flow. You need to take care of it, but it must flow. It shall not be burned in the fire of compulsive shopping, but it must flow. When people are greedy about dreams, they might happen too, but they will never be how they could have been with someone you love, if you believe and let them flow, have faith and work for it.

Dreams are not ideas. Dreams come from deep inside of your soul. They are like a call from your spirit. You can steal ideas, you can steal money, but you will never be able to steal real dreams. You have them, or you don’t have them.

Kelsey wasn’t a dream thief. She was just learning, learning the name of her dreams. She could not say that it was her dream “before”, because Richard was older than her. But, what nonsense! It was like kids fighting to say who liked chocolate “first”.

Richard spent nights and more nights trying to figure out how to go again, to the White Mountain. It seemed difficult, even to do it alone.
Or, he could try to do it alone, but was this what he really wanted? Kelsey, Kelsey was a dreamer, he thought. A nice one, an amazing one; but, would she be able to make it? Or was she a dream thief? Was all this real?

Kelsey spent nights and more nights hearing the White Mountain calling to her. And she spent her days working for it. Dealing with the pain of seeing her dream called a common dream and to have herself included, only to then have herself crossed out of it again.

In this world, sometimes it seems that a woman needs to be beautiful inside and outside, to be a good person, to be intelligent and cultured, and to be successful.
She needs to save the prince too, of course, and prove that she is all that, and that she is worthy to be loved.
Believing in the prince, when he doesn’t also believe in you, means he does just not believe in himself.

Maybe she was all of those things, maybe she wasn’t. Who cares? People should love her just as she was. This entire “being perfect” thing was getting to be too much. Kelsey decided to just be who she was. No matter what. No lack of self-confidence anymore. Let him do what he wants.

The White Mountain was calling her again, and she would go there.

And sooner or later, the sun would fade Richard’s fears away, like the mist in the morning sun, once he figured out if he wanted to do it alone, or with her.
Maybe the reason he never did it before was because he didn’t really want to do it alone, did he? If this would be what he really wanted to do in the past, if this would have been his real dream, he would have done it already. Dreams need time, to turn into priorities. They need to make all the way from your spirit into your soul, heart, body and mind. Once they are there, they are almost materialized and then, and only then, can you make it.

Life is simple.
Dreams and love: both are real things that you need to care and work for, every day. There are challenges, there are storms, there are obstacles, but it is worth it to believe and to work for it. Because among the almost 7 Billion people in the world, it is rare to find the one that shares the same dreams.

And when you find it, you need to comprehend, understand, perceive and most of all…you need to believe. And when this dream, or love, comes from your spirit, they simply make you have such deep feelings that they takes the upper hand, changing the course of your life and making you work for it.

Richard and Kelsey recognized, after killing some more fears and overcoming some more obstacles, that now they were on the way to the White Mountain, together.

Because when you find this one person, among almost 7 Billion…things happen, soon or later. And you forgive; you forgive yourself and this one person every time that things seem so amazingly perfect that someone, even yourself, becomes afraid to believe that real love really exists.

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Short Story written by Haidji

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Since the time we are born, we are trying to learn the name of everything, from objects around us, to persons, feelings, and situations... Sometimes, the most difficult thing to learn… is to learn the name of our...

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