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The Report Buttons and links

You will find that most web pages on Readers Gazette will have report buttons or links, these are there for you to use, if you feel the book, blog or anecdote is not appropriate for a family orientated website. There is no form to fill in, the button just records that the item in question needs examining by a dedicated staff member.
Making a report does require that your logged into us via facebook, so that we can see that the report is being made by a genuine concerned individual and not from someone causing mischief.

If You Need Help

Most of the Readers Gazette Website we hope is self explanatory and easy to use, for authors we have included little help boxes on certain pages but if you feel you need help with anything email us and we will try to assist you as quickly as we can, do understand that due to time differences between where you are and us that our reply may not be instant.

Contact Us

If you have any questions that you feel we haven't answered or want to report something we have missed or are unaware of, please email us.
If you need to write you can send to us here
Customer Care - General Support
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LL31 9SZ
Updated: March 28th, 2014