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TORN BY THE SUN a Romance work in progress


Introduction Keiko Yoshida is a young Japanese-American woman in Pre-WWII San Francisco. Jesse Sommers is a native San Franciscan, who walks into Keiko's life in the months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Neither has any way of knowing what is coming, nor the impact it will have on their lives, but they are determined to hold on to what they have together. And what they have is a love 'TORN BY THE SUN'
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The Immortal Design a Thriller work in progress

The Immortal Design

Johnathan Stokes the all American Golden Boy who has it all has been secretly prepped for his role in one of the most secretive of Orders. Willa Alucard is the new foreign exchange student, who has stolen Johnathan's heart from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Willa has fled from her own past to start a new life free from the reign of her older brother, but not all things are as they appear to be and not everyone is who they truly are. Johnathan and Willa were destined to be mortal...
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Where Hope Dares a Thriller work in progress

Where Hope Dares

Kiya froze, listening: it had barely been a noise. An elusive sound; a twig breaking underfoot, the quiet brushing of an animal against the undergrowth. She melted into the thicket of bushes, her nut-brown skin and earth-dyed travelling clothes blending with her surroundings. Crouched down to wait, knife at the ready, she balanced on the balls of her feet and slowed her breathing. Her heart thudded loud in her ears. Abe had seen strangers to the north, when he’d travelled the road from...
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Witchopedia a Witchcraft work in progress


Naddya Foxfire, Wiccan High Priestess and founder of the Way of the Lady coven, brings you a uniquely-designed alphabetical Book of Shadows, including everything the modern-day pagan might need to know in a handy reference. From basic history of paganism and witchcraft, to complex spells and rituals, organized in an easy-to-use reference. Full of information, magickal correspondences, deities, crystals, herbs, colors, spells, rituals, and other useful tidbits that you can quickly...
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Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan

Meet Annie Markham. Gentle, sweet and kind. Except for her dark side. A dark side called Jake Mead. Seven years ago he'd been her entire world, even though her godmother had tried to persuade her to dump him. But when the going got tough, Annie's 'tough' got going. Jake's hasty departure from her life proved that a) godmothers are cleverer than they look and b) the only thing reliable about men is that they're totally unreliable.
Now Jake is back...

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