Paradoxical World

WIP Paradoxical World by Karl Kaulback

Paradoxical World by Karl Kaulback

Paradoxical World
Being able to process and execute thought we analyze, rationalize, come to conclusions, execute ideas, fantasize and dream.

What is REALITY? Can we really make a distinction between the two?

For Max, this was an ongoing thorn in his side. Just when he believed that he had it all figured out, it proved him wrong time and again. He knew it all until a damning revelation hit him square in the face. His thought pattern was severely disrupted by what he was doing, and why he was doing it; Or was he doing it?

Max was consumed with the unknown and ventured into the most unreachable, untamed wilderness that could be found. Exploring the unknown was a fascination he had since childhood, and he found gratification in the fact that here, was something others of his species were unaware of. Max wasn't the kind to look for recognition, only self awareness of his world and fulfillment in his accomplishments.

Keeping an open mind was the rule, but this time he went into a paradoxical world of confusing and conflicting circumstances that his conscious rationalization was disrupted beyond realism.

It all happened on one of his many excursions after being dropped off on a large deserted island in the south Pacific. Walter, his friend and pilot helped him unload his supplies, and then flew off in his Cessna.

Max carried his survival gear up into the trees beyond the beach near a rock wall that went the length of the beach, and after setting up his tent and putting things away, he ventured up the beach to explore his new found home for the next month. Walter would pick him up in thirty days and take him back to New York where he was based.

“This is amazing.” he mumbled as he took numerous pictures of a waterfall coming down a mountainous terrain and flowing into the Pacific. The landscape captured his full attention as he walked along the and as he went further down the beach he veered into the tall palm trees that blanketed the shoreline to the high cliffs of rock.

Climbing over a fallen tree he noticed something on the sandy soil. It was shiny and half buried so he began to expose this new found treasure, gently swiping the sand aside with his hands. Some sort of medallion with weird symbols imprinted all over it was quickly exposed.

He flipped it over gently with a stick and blew the rest of the soil away using his mouth. Max put it in his backpack with the thought he would examine it more closely when he returned to camp. He began to scour the area searching for more artifacts, but soon turned and headed for camp as it was getting dark.

He made himself some tea over an open fire and heated up some beans. After his meager meal, he took out the medallion and examined it by the light of his campfire. Nothing about it made sense to him, just a lot of weird symbols, so he stuffed it in a small bag and returned it to his backpack.

He wanted to feel fresh for the next day of explorations so he turned in for the night. The moon shone brightly illuminating the ripples on the water as Max lay back on his pillow and stared out of his tent doorway into the darkness. He thought about his sister back home, and thought about what she had told him not long ago.

“Someday you will get caught up in your fantasy world and never return.”

Silly girl he thought and silently fell into blissful sleep.

After a dreamless sleep, Max rebuilt his fire. Having some tea with some crackers and cheese appeared to do the trick. He dressed and headed out to where he left off the night before. Entering the woods, he noticed there were no tracks, even his were not there from the night before. This puzzled him slightly, but not too concerned he brushed it off quickly.

He tried to find the spot where he discovered the medallion, but did not find any disturbance in the sand. This, he found a little odd, but continued to be explore the area. Finding nothing, he moved further into the bush. He came upon a small cave and examined the entrance. His curiosity aroused, he entered with flashlight in hand.

The walls were six feet high and full of inscriptions in a language he didn't recognize yet they were one and the same imprinted on the medallion. Moving deeper, now he felt a chill and an uneasy feeling gripped him. He stood silent questioning whether to venture any further when he felt another chill and his goose bumps popped through his skin.

A rasping sound was coming from the cave and Max, being very inquisitive by nature headed into the darkness. The air was getting stale and the ceiling was closing in, but this did not stop him.

Bending slightly he took a few more steps, but sounds caught his attention from within the darkness. Shining his tiny flashlight into the blackness ahead he couldn't see anything, so he decided to retreat.

Max walked back into the bright sunlight and suddenly collapsed. Waking up with a smashing headache he sat holding his head in his hands and closed his eyes. Suddenly he heard a terrible screeching which brought him to his feet. He looked around and saw nothing but the hair on the back of his neck let him know he wasn't dreaming.

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Being able to process and execute thought we analyze, rationalize, come to conclusions, execute ideas, fantasize and dream. What is REALITY? Can we really make a distinction between the two? For Max, this was an...

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