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Naddya Foxfire, Wiccan High Priestess and founder of the Way of the Lady coven, brings you a uniquely-designed alphabetical Book of Shadows, including everything the modern-day pagan might need to know in a handy reference. From basic history of paganism and witchcraft, to complex spells and rituals, organized in an easy-to-use reference. Full of information, magickal correspondences, deities, crystals, herbs, colors, spells, rituals, and other useful tidbits that you can quickly and easily find, including actual rituals done by the Way of the Lady coven. This collection of information has taken years to compile, and now it’s available to you!

Extracts from the forthcoming book

Aching Joint Relief

1/2 cup dried wormwood
Extra virgin olive oil

Place wormwood into an amber glass jar. Fill jar with oil. Date and label container. Store in a dark place for 21 days, shaking daily. Strain mixture using a piece of cheesecloth. Rub oil on sore and aching joints.


Writing affirmations is a way to increase your mental and magickal proficiency. For example, to overcome procrastination, write “I always complete each task in a timely manner.” Each night, before sleep, write the affirmation at least twice, dating each entry, until the goal has been reached. They can also be written neatly and hung where you will see them frequently, such as on your bathroom mirror or the refrigerator. Affirmations can increase your self-esteem too.

Circle Affirmation

Within this ring the light remains, it burns through the night at my will.
This magick is clean, and none but clean shall bide here.
Fire kindle, Fire rise, rise and burn with your power bright.
[The author started using this after reading something similar in a Nora Roberts book.]

Grounding Affirmation

The circle is open but never broken. Nothing but love has come here And nothing but love has left here. In perfect love and perfect trust, So mote it be! Circle open but unbroken, Power down to the ground.

Daily Affirmation

I am a Witch! I am at one with the Earth,
the Universe, and the Divine!
Let this day be free from strife and fear;
let only joy and love come near!
With blessings given and received,
I walk in peace in word and deed.

Alcohol Tincture

1. Measure amount(s) of herb(s) desired. Fresh herbs are always better.
2. Clean plants thoroughly and dry completely.
3. Chop plants into small pieces.
4. Fill glass jar with herbs to within an inch of the top.
5. Pour alcohol to top of jar, covering herbs.
6. Cover and shake well.
7. Place in a dark location and shake daily.
8. You may begin to use the tincture after two weeks, but leave the mixture together for at least six weeks.
9. Strain tincture from herbs.
10. Label and date bottle.
Alcohol tinctures can retain potency up to ten years. All herbals should be stored in a cool, dry place in amber glass jars to reduce sunlight.


Agate is a varied stone in a wide range of colors, found in the USA, India, Morocco, the Czech Republic, and Africa, and it has a hardness of 6. This gemstone corresponds to the planets Mercury and Earth, the element of Earth, astrological houses Gemini and Virgo. It represents or can be used for balance, grounding, garden magick, and as charms against thunder, sorcery, venom, and poison. Also use for clarity, courage, creativity, fertility, good health, manners, happiness, intelligence, longevity, making friends, prosperity, protection, strength, support, truth, and wealth. Blue Lace Agate used for feminine qualities, gentleness, self-confidence, concentration, perception, serenity, and peace, and treats fever and inflammation. Botswana Agate is used for gifts, mood lifting, soothing nerves, and pleasures.

Apache Tear

An Apache Tear is a type of volcanic obsidian that is black in color and had a hardness of 6. It can be found in Mexico and many other volcanic regions. It corresponds to the planet Saturn and astrological house Aries. Use for centering, good luck, grief, grounding, promoting peace, protection, repels negativity, scrying. Also corresponds to spontaneity, forgiveness, detoxification, and can treat snakebite and muscle spasms.

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Naddya Foxfire, Wiccan High Priestess and founder of the Way of the Lady coven, brings you a uniquely-designed alphabetical Book of Shadows, including everything the modern-day pagan might need to know in a handy...

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