The Immortal Design

WIP: The Immortal Design by Angel Ernst


Johnathan Stokes the all American Golden Boy who has it all has been secretly prepped for his role in one of the most secretive of Orders. Willa Alucard is the new foreign exchange student, who has stolen Johnathan's heart from the first moment he laid eyes on her. Willa has fled from her own past to start a new life free from the reign of her older brother, but not all things are as they appear to be and not everyone is who they truly are. Johnathan and Willa were destined to be mortal enemies, however The Immortal Design has other plans in store for them.

Chapter 1.

You are a clever man, friend John; you reason well, and your wit is bold; but you are too prejudiced. . . . Ah, it is the fault of our science that it wants to explain all; and if it explain not, then it says there is nothing to explain. But yet we see around us every day the growth of new beliefs, which think themselves new; and which are yet but the old, which pretend to be young. . . . Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

This is my favorite quote from my Great-Great-Great Grandfather’s book. I like to think he was speaking to me as he wrote this. I know deep down that there was no way that he could have known that my father, Mr. Kenneth Stokes would have named me after a character from his book. I mean, he would have had to be psychic or something and since I’m not a firm believer in psychics, witches, werewolves or any other type of paranormal crap well, my ego’s little bubble had gotten burst early on.

My parents are the typical parents. They want the best for their only son. So, I get the best of everything. There isn’t much I can’t get. My family has been riding the money train for as long as Stoker’s have been alive, well at least Bram Stoker that is. I’m not really sure when the family name was changed to Stokes instead of Stoker, but for some reason it was. We have court documents dated way back to the mid-1900’s showing that a relative had petitioned the court to change it, reasons listed were unknown.

My dad is a lawyer, and he didn’t like the fact that there was no copyright on his Great -Great Granddaddies’ best seller. So he went on a personal crusade to get a copy right in place for the original work, and from there on out, he sued the crap out of everyone who had touched on the copyright, he even went after the movies. My dad is a brilliant lawyer, and very good at getting his way in court, so we have been living the high life ever since. The royalties keep coming in month after month so I have no complaints when it comes to my parents giving me anything I want.

They just haven’t been able to give me the one thing I truly want. Someone who wants me for me, the real me. The person that lies beneath the “Golden Boy” exterior. I know, I know I should be happy that I have everything handed to me on a silver platter right? Wrong. That’s not how I want to be remembered after this year. I don’t want to be listed in the J. Harker high school year book, as the typical jock, student body president, and so and so forth. I mean I am all of those things, but not by choice. My father has pushed me to be the best at everything, and now that I’m eighteen, I want to strike out on my own and make my own mark on the world. That’s not too much to ask for is it?

As I lay on my bed tossing the football in the air contemplating my life my cell phone beeped. I dropped the ball and looked to see who was texting me. It was my best friend Pete Baker. Pete was the complete opposite of myself. I envied him for that. He came from a blue collar family. His parents didn’t set ridiculously high expectations for him and if he wanted something, they made him work for it. Pete’s outlook on life was very down to earth. I typically found myself spending more time at his house with his family than my own. His family was loving and caring for each other. Mine on the other hand was more like a business. Don’t get me wrong here, I love my mom, and most of the time my dad, but they have their moments.

‘You going to the bonfire tonight?’ Pete’s text message read. I had almost forgot about it. The tradition here at J. Harker High, the annual bonfire for the incoming seniors. It’s our way of kicking off our senior year as a celebration and continues throughout the year with several other parties and dances. It’s meant to be one big party our senior year. Sounds like fun right? Then why am I finding myself dreading going?

Sure there will be smoking hot girls there; all of whom I have no interest in. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I just haven’t met that one girl who makes me feel that spark. The girls that I go to school with are just vapid vultures waiting to pick their next victims bones clean before moving on to someone who they deem better. I am tirelessly chased and cornered by all sorts of girls. There’s the entire Cheer Squad, which don’t get me wrong, all have their possibilities, and then there is the rest of the cliché popular preps. One year I found myself being chased by the drama club, and without meaning to make a pun: it was nothing but drama.

Without another thought on the matter I text Pete back to let him know I would be there and I would pick him up around nine. That left me enough time to go out and get some running in and then hit the gym. I went down to the kitchen and looked to see if my mom was hanging around as she normally does. She likes to try to be Betty Crocker. Thankfully she wasn’t there. There on the fridge hung a note “Went to book club! Be back later, oh and if you are hungry I made a casserole, it is in the oven just warm it up. Take care Love you MOM” I crumbled the note up and tossed it in the waste basket. I hated my mom’s casseroles. Instead I grabbed a bottled water and went out the back door and took off for my daily run.

I loved running. It was one of my escapes from my hellish existence. There was true freedom in just taking in the deep breathes, the smells of summer and the hot sun beating down on your skin. It was all true bliss. When I ran I knew that if I didn’t want to stop I could just keep running, and never look back, but I did stop and I always went back. No matter how hard I tried to run from problems at home, I knew they would eventually follow me. My running was a way to clear my head, and of course my dad left me alone as long as I was running, he saw it as me training. No, matter what everything was training to him. “It all builds character Johnathan. Keep up the good work. We’re counting on you to carry on the family tradition.” You know, I don’t think I ever asked him what that actually was. I honestly did not care what it was. If it was what he was into I wanted no part of it.

At this particular point I need to mention that I was in the process of thinking of what I really wanted to do with myself after I graduated. I hadn’t even told my parents that I had not started applying to any colleges yet. So I was in deep thought when out of nowhere I spotted something you typically don’t see in my neighborhood. There sitting idle at the stop sign just ahead of me was an old hearse with nearly blacked out windows. As I approached, I slowed to a walk. I was curious who would be caught driving the old heap through one of the most influential neighborhoods of Castle Rock, Colorado.

What I saw took my breath away. I had expected to see maybe an old man who had lost his way looking for a funeral home, but not her. She was stunning. Her long dark hair, cascading down around her shoulders. Beautiful pale skin and subtle rose pink lips. I couldn’t see her eyes, because she had on dark sunglasses.

She caught me staring and took off quickly. I was to dumbstruck to try to run after her, but I wanted to. I wanted to know her. I don’t generally believe in love at first sight, but I had a feeling that if I ran into this girl again, she would be the death of me.

Little did I know I would be seeing her in my very near future, and I couldn’t have phrased it any better, because Willa Alucard, did in fact nearly cause my death, well not her directly but her past.

This day would go down in history as the day I fell in love inexplicably and inevitably forever with a girl I knew nothing about. There are days you remember throughout your life and then there are days like these that you will never forget, and from the brief moment I saw her, I knew she had been the one I had been waiting for. I just didn’t realize the dangers that would follow her.
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Johnathan Stokes the all American Golden Boy who has it all has been secretly prepped for his role in one of the most secretive of Orders. Willa Alucard is the new foreign exchange student, who has stolen Johnathan\'s...

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