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Famous Five Have A Mystery To Solve Quiz

Book Famous Five: Five Have A Mystery To Solve: Book 20 (Famous Five
Author Enid Blyton
With 8 Questions.

Hi It is as simple as A B and C just click an answer for each question then click submit to see how well you have done.

QUESTION 1. What is the favor of Julian, Dick and Anne that Mrs Layman wants to ask?

A For them to visit her for high tea.
B For them to find her missing dog Wilfred.
C For them to look after her grandson.

QUESTION 2. Who is Lucas?

A A historian from the local library.
B A groundsman from the adjacent golf course.
C Uncle Quentin's friend.

QUESTION 3. Which Island does Lucas tell them strange tales about?

A Kirrin Island.
B Treasure Island.
C Whispering Island.

QUESTION 4. How do they get over to the island?

A On a raft.
B By boat.
C They swim.

QUESTION 5. What do the children find in the middle of the woods on the island?

A Gold coins and other treasures.
B Gleaming statues.
C A pack of wolves.

QUESTION 6. Which on of the Five when angry turns into a tiger.

A Anne.
B George.
C Timmy.

QUESTION 7. Who climbs down the well to fetch the bucket?

A Wilfred.
B Julian.
C Dick.

QUESTION 8. What do the Five find halfway down the well.

A More gold coins.
B An iron door.
C A clue etched into the stone wall.

Click to see how well you did!
But first check to make sure you answered all the questions.

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