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Blade's Edge: The Mysteries of Gensokai

Book Blade's Edge
Author Virginia McClain
With 10 Questions.

Hi It is as simple as A B and C just click an answer for each question then click submit to see how well you have done.

QUESTION 1. What are the two elements associated with healing in Gensokai?

A Earth and Water
B Fire and Earth
C Wind and Water

QUESTION 2. What is the name of the band of assassins that work for the Rōjū council?

A Ninja
B Kisōshi
C Hishi

QUESTION 3. What kind of creature is Mishi's mentor?

A A dragon
B A bear
C A talking tree

QUESTION 4. What is Mishi's weapon of choice?

A Jo
B Katana
C Shuriken

QUESTION 5. Who is Taka's mentor?

A Mitsu
B Yanagi
C Yasuhiko

QUESTION 6. What kind of animal is Riyōshi?

A Phoenix
B Snowy Owl
C Red Tailed Hawk

QUESTION 7. Who were the Yuwaku?

A An evil all-female regime that ran Gensokai for over a hundred terrifying cycles.
B A group of healer rebels who stood up for freedom and helped liberate Gensokai.
C A group of Kisōshi who roamed the land settling disputes.

QUESTION 8. What are Kisōshi?

A Trained assassins who work for Yanagi.
B Warriors with elemental powers who rule and protect the people of Gensokai.
C An army of talking trees who report directly to Tatsu.

QUESTION 9. What is the Josankō?

A A "school" that trains young warriors to attack with stealth and subterfuge.
B A hospital for disturbed young women who think they have kisō.
C A "school" that trains young girls how to be josanpu--or claims to do so.

QUESTION 10. What is kisō?

A The ability to manipulate animals and trees to do your bidding.
B The ability to manipulate the elements (can be used either to fight or to heal).
C The ability to manipulate the minds of others without detection.

Click to see how well you did!
But first check to make sure you answered all the questions.

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