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Battle Cry - Quiz

Book Battle Cry
Author JL Snyder
With 8 Questions.

Hi It is as simple as A B and C just click an answer for each question then click submit to see how well you have done.

QUESTION 1. What is Uncle Nobu's first name?

A Ichiro
B Shin
C Kido

QUESTION 2. What does Kaí-Ling have to fill out in chapter two?

A Parchment
B Notepad
C Ledger

QUESTION 3. What is the best time of day to pass through the Forest of Misfortune?

A Night
B Morning
C Mid-day

QUESTION 4. What feeling does Kaí-Ling discover she has in common with the giant Tai fish?

A Pain
B Sadness
C Happiness

QUESTION 5. What is the purpose of the daily competition between Kaí-Ling and Joohee?

A To eat at the Captain's table
B To take a day off from cleaning duties
C To be the Captain's first mate

QUESTION 6. Where is Joohee when Captain Ryozo's ship begins to sink?

A On deck with Captain Ryozo
B With Kaí-Ling
C In Kaí-Ling's room

QUESTION 7. What happens when Kaí-Ling sees Nao's dead body?

A She begins to doubt her abilities as a warrior
B She cries out
C She offers to help get rid of the dead body

QUESTION 8. One of the hooded captors refers to Kaí-Ling as what?

A A rabbit
B A sad little girl
C A swine

Click to see how well you did!
But first check to make sure you answered all the questions.

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