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Are you a Cloaked Crusader?

Book Cloak of Shadows (The Netherwalker Series Book 1)
Author CK Dawn
With 15 Questions.

Hi It is as simple as A B and C just click an answer for each question then click submit to see how well you have done.

QUESTION 1. Cloak of Shadows has two strong female protagonists. What are their names?

A Delores Lourdes and Abigail Dumbledore
B Lourdes Reese and Abigail Thorne
C Eve Riley and Jeron Kane

QUESTION 2. What city do our two female protagonists live in?

A New York
B Chicago
C London

QUESTION 3. What is Lourdie's role within the King's Court?

A Scraper
B Archivist
C Hunter

QUESTION 4. What is Lourdie's special ability that no one else has?

A She can read dociles' minds.
B She is the only hunter that can create dual orbs virtually simultaneously.
C She can stop time.

QUESTION 5. Who is Logan Templeton?

A A docile reporter who stumbled upon the secret society the King's Court.
B A Neophyte who has yet to discover he is part of the King's Court.
C Knight of the King's Court in Great Britain.

QUESTION 6. What are the creatures called in Cloak of Shadows that slither into our world through fractures during a full moon?

A Netherwalkers
B Vampires
C Wherewolves

QUESTION 7. All guardians of the King's Court are descendants of?

A Robin Hood and his Merry Men
B Jack the Ripper
C Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table

QUESTION 8. Who is Logan Templeton's ancestor?

A Lancelot
B Guinevere
C King Arthur

QUESTION 9. What seems to be unique about the dragons in Cloak of Shadows?

A Like the other two species of subservient netherwalkers they don't have eyes.
B They breathe ice and are born giants growing smaller and smaller as they age.
C They are completely immune to being banished by hunter orbs.

QUESTION 10. After her trials, Abigail Thorne becomes what within the King's Court?

A A Neophyte
B A Knight
C A Hunter

QUESTION 11. Who does Logan Templeton have romantic feelings for?

A Abbey
B Bishop
C Lourdie

QUESTION 12. Who was taken to the Netherworld through a fracture on the night of the blue moon?

A Abbey
B Temple
C Marcus

QUESTION 13. During someone's initiation ceremony all King's Court members recite an oath and feel it reverberate through the link with their fellow guardians. What is this?

A The Gloaming Bond
B The Force
C Your Hogwarts Letter

QUESTION 14. What color does Lourdie's stun baton glow?

A Purple
B Pink
C OMG, Cloak of Shadows has stun batons?

QUESTION 15. Congratulations and welcome to the King's Court, Guardian! The gloaming has come looking for you. Will you answer its call?

A Yes, and I'm eagerly awaiting book 2, Cloak of Secrets!
B No
C No, the force is not strong with this one.

Click to see how well you did!
But first check to make sure you answered all the questions.

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