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Romance in Colorado

Book Alone
Author SM Ford
With 8 Questions.

Hi It is as simple as A B and C just click an answer for each question then click submit to see how well you have done.

QUESTION 1. Cecelia is a live-in housekeeper and cook for her boss Mark Andrews. What is his profession?

A celebrity
B author
C movie star

QUESTION 2. The setting of the book is in what mountains?

A Sierra Nevadas
B Appalachian
C Rocky

QUESTION 3. Simon and Cecelia go to what big town for a date?

A Denver
B Kansas City
C San Franciso

QUESTION 4. What winter sport does Cecelia learn?

A snowmobiling
B snow boarding
C skiing

QUESTION 5. Mark Andrews thinks his new housekeeper is

A too old
B too young
C ugly

QUESTION 6. Mark says Cecelia can go to church with him if she won't . . .

A sing
B talk
C whistle

QUESTION 7. What color is the cat in the story?

A black and white
B gray
C orange

QUESTION 8. At Christmas Cecelia goes home to . . .

A California
B Oregon
C Washington

Click to see how well you did!
But first check to make sure you answered all the questions.

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