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Ominous Book Quiz

Book An Ominous Book (An Ominous Book series, book 1)
Author Nancy Foster
With 16 Questions.

Hi It is as simple as A B and C just click an answer for each question then click submit to see how well you have done.

QUESTION 1. Who is the ruler of the Elf Kingdom at the start of the series?

A Salman
B Spaulding
C Froylan

QUESTION 2. What is the name of Spaulding's phantom beast?

A Javelin
B Hiratori
C Elyria

QUESTION 3. Where does Lord Spaulding live?

A Tindenfarel
B Tesafar
C Ayrtain

QUESTION 4. Who is Legarha?

A The Äimite guard assigned to Spaulding's ranger post.
B The Äimite guard assigned to Trevilin's ranger post.
C The Elf King.

QUESTION 5. Who is Herb's father?

A Euridice Antunian
B Jacinct Antunian
C Lord Spaulding

QUESTION 6. What does Spaulding eat when he visits Herb's estate?

A A slice of salami.
B An anchovy.
C He only drank water when he first arrived.

QUESTION 7. Why does Spaulding ask Trevilin to convince a nobleelf to visit his castle?

A To send a letter to Lord Froylan for help.
B To take a wooden chest that contains a magical artifact to the king's palace.
C To have dinner.

QUESTION 8. Who is Hamarin?

A The Kasimma Clan Leader.
B Lord Spaulding's father.
C A priest that is a member of the Kasimma Clan.

QUESTION 9. What is the name of the mage that wounds Spaulding and Trevilin halfway through the book?

A Emmerd
B Faggots
C Gorge

QUESTION 10. What happens to Trevilin's phantom beast when it enters the lake?

A It becomes more powerful.
B It dissolves and vanishes.
C Trevilin's phantom beast never enters a lake.

QUESTION 11. What is the ability of Ciedel's phantom beast?

A Heal wounds.
B Temporarily immobilize the victim.
C He can place a curse that forces an infirm to temporarily remain in a geographic area.

QUESTION 12. What is the name of the Äimite guard that accompanies Herb and Nelida to the Elf King's throne room?

A Pieran
B Mirite
C Froylan

QUESTION 13. What is the beverage that Seiran offers to Richard in the forest?

A Bourbon
B Tea
C Wine

QUESTION 14. What is the name of the tavern that Spaulding likes to visit?

A The Enchanted Slumber
B The Last Stop
C Jo's Tavern

QUESTION 15. How old is Hamarin?

A 500 years
B 2000 years
C 125 years

QUESTION 16. What are the Kasimma Clan heraldic colors?

A White and Gold
B Royal Blue
C White, Blue and Purple

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