Kept: Book Two Quiz by Tracey

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Kept: Book Two
Tracey Lampley

Sex, lies, murder: Beautiful and sexy Kate is back. Instead of fighting for her life, this time she’s fighting for the lives of her family.
Anita Spencer: After a great loss, the woman has a score to settle with Kate.
Derrick Angel: The heartthrob threatens to ruin Kate’s family. Will he kill to win her heart?
Detective Garnett: Out of his jurisdiction, he tries forcing Kate to reveal the whereabouts of his kept mistress. When Kate refuses, he issues a chilling threat...

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Extracts from a professional critique done on the book
The very first impression I gained from The Pyramids of Atlantis is that it is a very professionally written and highly competently constructed novel which held my attention literally from first paragraph to last. It has drama, mystery and a sophisticated plot. I found myself reading the book in two sittings which is probably indicative of its quality since it is by no means a short novel. The book as a whole has a great deal to...

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