What's In That Bag? by Amber

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Hobbity Bobbity: & The Red Bush Forest

"Hobbity Bobbity and the Red Bush Forest is the story of an incredible journey into a cursed forest where no Bobbity ever dared to go. Who is Hobbity Bobbity? He’s a notsoaverage teenage boy destined to become larger than life. Traveling between the past and the future, Hobbity meets several characters along the way who help him unlock the secrets of the Red Bush Forest and stop an evil enchantress from stealing all light from every planet in the galaxy.
Packed with fun, laughs, and...

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Philter of Fate: Book 1 of the Witches of Jeru by G.B. William

Maria isn't your typical sixteen year old, she has a secret; she's a witch. An attempt to use Magic to get a chance to date her highschool crush backfires and a prophecy tells her she has until the next solstice to find her one true love or risk losing her soul. But who might it be? Xavier, who seems to fit the prophecy or Andrew, who doesn't but won her heart? A mistake would be fatal.......

A New Dawn Rising by Michael Joseph

Haunted by the loss of his wife and young daughter, reclusive excop Sam Carlisle is offered a job working for wealthy businessman Carl Renshaw. An opportunity to move on and make a fresh start. But when Carl is murdered, the police suspect Sam is responsible, forcing him to hunt down the real killer himself.
Only someone doesn't want Sam Carlisle finding out the truth.........


A Johnny Donal P.I. Novel
Johnny Donal P.I., is hired to solve the murder of a prominent Moultrie Bay, SC woman who appears to be the latest victim in a series. The police are stymied. The citizenry is howling for results. Donal's investigation points to two murderers, Micah Capers and Joan WileyCapers, a psychotic husband and wife team. But, before he can bring them to justice, they disappear.
The killers resurface, having decided to abduct a well known...

The Ex Who Glowed in the Dark (Charley's Ghost Book 2) by Sally Berneathy

Book 2 in Charley’s Ghost series
Amanda was in the process of divorcing her lying, cheating husband Charley when he was murdered, so she’s stuck with his last name. And even worse, she’s stuck with his ghost.
She can’t seem to get rid of his ghost, but at least she is able to go to court and get rid of his name. Elated at the small victory, she returns to her motorcycle repair shop ready to celebrate. But her assistant, Dawson, is having a...

TWO sons TOO many: To Love, Live & Lose by Aidan McNally

TWO sons TOO many, is my MEMOIR tale of a young adult's life as he grows through his childhood of rough and tumble to aim to the stars and do everything he can to reach them.
The authors journey is full of fun loving events and adventure. When tragedy strikes it strikes hard and deep and though to many, disbelief, it does strike often.
The highs reached within the story and the self transformation are quite surreal however a dedicated faith seems to reign through.
The lows will jerk...