Everealm Quiz #1 by J.D. Wright

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Everealm: Book One of the Everealm Series

Breestlin cannot escape her destiny to become ruler of her father's kingdom, but she never planned to become queen at twentythree years of age. Upon the return of her first love, Rowan, Bree must quickly learn how to adapt to both her new responsibilities as a ruler and her inability to suppress her feelings for Rowan. To make matters more difficult, her outcast uncle, Silas, will stop at nothing to get what he desires. This forces Bree to seek the assistance of the wizard, Dagan, who in a...

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What if there was another option?
One that could save your career, save your sanity, save your life?
Would you not take it?
That was the decision that Cynthia Ella Lock, star of The Willow Tree, had to make after she had woken up to find a naked, unknown, murdered man on the bed beside her.
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