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The Halcyon Dislocation
Peter Kazmaier

After a risky physics experiment transports the island University of Halcyon to a new world, engineer Dave Schuster and his fellow students struggle to survive in this alien, hostile environment. As tyrannical forces within the University use the catastrophe to strengthen their power and control, Dave encounters an even greater menace which threatens the very existence of their fledgling colony.......

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Blue Moon: Mundy's Landing Book Two by Wendy Corsi Staub

New York Times bestselling author Wendy Corsi Staub returns to Mundy’s Landing—a small town where bygone bloodshed has become big business.
Hair neatly braided, hands serenely clasped, eyes closed, the young woman appeared to be sound asleep. But the peaceful tableau was a madman’s handiwork. Beneath the covers, her white nightgown was spattered with blood. At daybreak, a horrified family would discover her corpse tucked into their guest room. The cunning killer would strike again ....

The Cockroach Chronicles: Exploring Human Discrimination From by Anthony Donnelly

A collection of ten letters from a young, curious cockroach, who sets off to engage The Enemy (humans) to discover why they discriminate against them so much. A great primer into the topic of discrimination and prejudice, accessible to all ages. Filled with words of wisdom about compassion and understanding.......

Ice in His Eyes (Bloodlines Book 1) by Finley Hollister

Hannah Kennedy is far too busy for romance. She’s moved to a new town, she’s started a new job, and she and her fractured family are trying to figure out the best way to say goodbye to their dying mother.
With more on her plate than she can handle already, why are the advances of a younger male colleague so intriguing? Why was she dreaming about him even before they met? What is it about Jim Drake that makes her feel like after being away a long time, she’s finally come home?

The Thief Who Stole Eternity (Infinīte Series Book 2) by Pam Kesterson

A modern saga continues in the Infinīte Series.The Thief Who Stole Eternity by Pam Kesterson braids together the dystopian and utopian in brilliant scenery, immortality, myths, and faith.
The Thief Who Stole Eternity is the second book in the Infinīte Series. It's a story of first love as Cat and Shenser reunite together and meander through a landscape woven of legends and illusions in search for Saidi, a lost Infinīte, and other Infinītes enslaved across the world. Driven by...

Demorn: Blade of Exile (The Asanti Series Book 1) by David Finn

Dimensional Exiles. Epic Mission. Demon Gods. Savage Assassins. No Mercy!
Reality is collapsing. Fracture Event aftershocks have destroyed the Mirror World of Asanti. Demorn, mercurial sword for hire, has been the exile of a dead world since she was thirteen.
Demorn seeks vengeance. Underneath a sassy attitude and an addiction to card games and equally dangerous blondes, Demorn cannot forget the Fracture Event that tore Asanti apart even though the rest of the universe has....