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The Halcyon Dislocation
Peter Kazmaier

After a risky physics experiment transports the island University of Halcyon to a new world, engineer Dave Schuster and his fellow students struggle to survive in this alien, hostile environment. As tyrannical forces within the University use the catastrophe to strengthen their power and control, Dave encounters an even greater menace which threatens the very existence of their fledgling colony.......

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Long Lost Neighbors by Frances Hoelsema

Gregory Bronson learns he’ll soon be moving away from his neighbor and best friend, Alison Levin. When he tells her the shocking news, she feels her world is being turned upside down. What would she do without Greg? What would Greg do without her?
Fast forward fifteen years. Ali is engaged to Sean Whitman who can provide her with anything she could ever want. While vacationing, however, she runs into Greg. Suddenly she’s not so sure Sean is the one.
Greg finds himself just getting...

Iliad, Fall of Troy, and the Aftermath: A 3,200 Year Old Journey by Amarissa Amber Cale

This is a prelude to a series (each a standalone) I will soon release. The series is chiefly historical romance, and centres on the Bronze Age. Circa 1250 B.C.E. Since I have discovered how few people know much, if anything, about the era, I have decided to spend some time writing this summary of all that would be pertinent to the series. I hope you look forward to many of the romantic stories to come in this fascinating time in our history.
At the end of this narrative, I have added an...

The All About Animals Alphabet Book by Suzanne Pollen

The All About Animals Alphabet Book has been designed and written to appeal to children of all ages, there is something for everyone, from young toddlers who will enjoy the rich vivid pictures and learning to recognise the simple letters through to older children who will not only enjoy the illustrations but will find the stories of great value as they strive to improve their reading, vocabulary and language skills.Each story focuses on the particular letter eg. The 'A' story has many words...

The Flight of the Griffin by C.M. Gray

Pardigan’s had enough. He’s only 12, but he’s breaking into the home of one of Freya's richest merchants... and he’s doing it tonight. This will change the world forever, as four friends are set on a quest to locate three magical objects and complete an ancient spell to save the world.
Aboard their sailboat, The Griffin, the adventurers are pursued by an evil bounty hunter, The Hawk, who will stop at nothing to end their quest. They also face Belial, Champion of Chaos, who seeks...

As aventuras de Joaquim e Eduardo: Os invasores de Marte by Michael Ruman

Joaquim e Eduardo são dois amigos de 11 anos de idade, que vivem se metendo em encrencas, geralmente causadas por Joaquim, o mais impetuoso da dupla. Cabe a Eduardo a tarefa de bolar planos para salválos das confusões, e não pensem que são poucas!
Os invasores de Marte é a primeira parte dessa saga, que se inicia em 1969, em pleno regime militar.
Joaquim está convencido que os marcianos preparam uma invasão à Terra. 
Resta agora convencer Eduardo e o resto da sua turma...