Powers that be by Margaret A. Daly

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Sapphire & Me: A Beautiful Friendship

A fun story for children. A little girl meets her new best friend, Sapphire the snake. They spend the day together, learning about each other and planning a grand adventure.......

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Easy Step By Step Illustrated Guide To Professionally Format by Bill Wilkinson

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See No Evil by L. Sydney Fisher

Inspired by the real life Mississippi Mystic, Seymore R. Prater...
An otherworldy gift...Like Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet, Prater had the gift of clairvoyance. Known throughout the South for his mysterious and miraculous abilities, he could "see" beyond the barriers of time and space identifying a man's killer, finding stolen objects, and even locating lost people.
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Your dirty little secret (Black Guys and Gals Book 4) by Marianna Nemeth

Ted is gay. He has a boyfriend. Until Delvin's wedding. He spots Hayden Travis, Megan's father and he is absolutly gorgeous. One night. One hot and steamy night with a totally straight and much older guy...
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