Name The Killer by Autumn

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Anastasis (The Vicheu Chronicles Book 2)
Autumn Warren

Nikolas and Marco have managed to escape their foes on Chiraiyn, but Nikolas soon finds himself the captive of even worse enemies. Marco and the others are determined to rescue their brother, but will they be able to free him before the Nikolas they know is gone forever, or will they find that the cost for his life is too great?......

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Wicked Intentions by JoAnne Myers

Blood Ties
Audra Roper has disturbing visions about her twin sister’s disappearance, suspecting her brotherinlaw Doug of Lisa’s death.
Police officer Tyler Pettit tries to help, but when the law fails, Audra assumes Lisa’s identity, plays amateur detective and discovers a bloody scene. All isn’t what it seems as her life becomes a roller coaster of danger, heartbreak and intrigue.
Dark Visions
When Carrie Reynolds starts having nightmares on her twentysixth birthday,...

Point and Shoot for Your Life by Robin Murphy

Sharpsburg photographer Hannah Mills is down on her luck, and out of work. Just as she's about to get evicted, her great aunt Dorothy wills her a rare Indian Chief Navajo blanket, worth a million dollars.
Before Hannah gets the chance to auction the blanket, she learns that her niece Mandy has been kidnapped by human traffickers and taken to France. The ransom? The Navajo blanket, worth a million dollars.
With her niece’s life hanging in the balance, Hannah is forced to take drastic...

The Helavite War (The Star Traveler Series Book 1) by Theresa Snyder

Love character driven scifi? Join Jake and Arr on their adventures.
The Helavite War is book 1 of the Star Traveler Adventures
“The Helavite War takes me back to when I first read the early science fiction works of Heinlein, Asimov, etc. There is a sense of boldness, innocence and the essential goodness of mankind, wrapped up in a universe that is bigger than we know now and yet navigable by humans.” – JKMohr
“Characters stay true and are well developed, great scene...

Poetry Playground by JAnn Bowers

A Poetry Playground is a two section book of poems full of the innocence of a child and nature.
You will find the first section to be a lighter side of silly, quirky and innocent poetry that the poet wrote over the years of raising her children.
Things that scare me……bumps and bangs of the night
That wakes me up in a deadly fright
With no one around, I lie with my eyes peeled wide
Listening to all the bumps of the night
Spirits fly around me
My skin is ice...

She Loves Me Not by Wendy Corsi Staub

She loves me … she loves me not.
When a homemade, heartshaped valentine with no signature shows up in Rose Larrabee's mailbox, she is surprised to say the least—as a widow and mother of two young children, she has little time for romance. But what one might mistake for a sweet gift is really a terrifying reminder of the secret she shares with two other women … a secret that has deadly want her … I want her dead.
When the phone rings in the middle of the night, playing a song...