Are you a Cloaked Crusader? by CK Dawn

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This Truckin' Life: The reminiscences of a Truck Driver (Laurie by Dennis Burnier-Smith

This book is a set of reflections and recollections of a driver's 40 plus years in the hard and unforgiving world of the haulage and transport industry.
It delves intothe methods resorted to, in order to survive and make ends meet for him and his family, in a world where the driver is considered the lowest of the low.
There is both humour and pathos, some love and some violence mixed with tales of underhand dealings, fiddles and thievery.
It tells of a time when truck driving was a...

Can You See My Heart?: A Lesson On Truth by Mary Bouyer

Can You See My Heart? A Lesson on Truth, this book talks about Loving yourself and living more abundantly. Elizabeth spirals down a path of living without confidence in herself until one day, a missionary came knocking at her door. The Lord took Elizabeth on a path where she is now able to leave the training wheels behind. She was given a new start. With the Lord’s help she begins to grow more daily. In this book you will find out what she had learned through further study; as well as,...

Paper Cuts by Nicci Rae

How quickly can The Nation's Sweetheart become Enemy Of The State ? Talking WIth Tiffany is England’s favourite morning programme and Tiffany Wilson the Nation’s sweetheart. All indications are that Tiffany’s tellysphere crown is about to be confirmed as her documentary ‘Our World’ is aired, following the journey of Ayo and Masika Akiloye as they are brought to England from Moucha Island and filmed for six months as they discover all that the Western world has to offer. As she...

Hell to Pay (Live to Tell) by Wendy Corsi Staub

“If you like Mary Higgins Clark, you’ll love Wendy Corsi Staub.”
—Lisa Jackson
“Wendy Corsi Staub is a master storyteller!”
—Brenda Novak
“Once Staub’s brilliant characterizations and topnotch narrative skills grab hold, they don’t let go.”
—Publishers Weekly
Superstar thriller writer Lee Child calls the novels of Wendy Corsi Staub, “Solid gold suspense,” and readers who dig into Hell to Pay will discover they’ve hit the mother lode. The third...

Does Harry Dream of Electric Sheep? by John Altson

Overview: Does Harry Dream of Electric Sheep? is a witty novel written for an adult audience (highschool or beyond). It is an allegorical novel written on several levels:
A fantasy about a space explorer and his comical misadventures with sheeplike creatures which seem to mirror human behavior
A tonguein cheek comedy about life in the United States, circa 2014
A seriocomedy which explores almost all of the current social and political issues
A story with a moral