Nazi Nukes by Chris Lowry

Nazi Nukes by Chris Lowry

Action & Adventure | Humour | Crime Mystery Thriller

Dirtbag Treasure Hunter Warner Yeager followed the love of his life to Germany. After he catches her on the thighs of another man, she promptly kicks him out of her flat.
What else should a homeless lovelorn sad sack do but hunt for The Amber Room, a looted treasure stolen by the Nazis in WW II.
Yeager uncovers a dark secret hidden in a bunker deep in the Bavarian forest. Hitler's secret arsenal of nuclear missiles to be deployed as the final option.
When Yeager shares his discovery, suddenly he's Germany's most wanted. Hunted by elements in the German Government who want to keep history hidden and Fascists who want the nukes all to themselves to resurrect the Reich and fulfill a 70 year old Death Wish.
All Yeager wants is to impress his girlfriend and win her back, but Mossad, the German Secret Police and the Damn Nazi Nukes keep getting in the way.
If you like fast paced, light hearted action comedy with a hapless hero and slapstick antics, you'll love Nazi Nukes and Warner Yeager's further adventures in ICE BASE NAZIS, LOCK NESS NAZIS and FULL MOON NAZIS.
There's a special appearance by Brill Wingfield, the Shadowboxer in this story, so don't forget to check out SHADOWBOXER or CONSCRIPTED or CREDIBLE THREAT in the Shadowboxer series. You can get a free copy of Conscripted in this short novel just by clicking on the link inside and check it out.

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Shadowboxer (a Shadowboxer story) by Chris Lowry

A master assassin is hunted by the man who taught him how to kill.
Brill Wingfield was molded from high school to be the perfect killer. Unassuming, and forgettable with chameleon like abilities, he's trained and honed his skill set over the years to move from a bone crunching thug to a master killer for hire. When an assignment in Mexico turns sideways, someone on a rooftop far away tries to take him out. The would be killers wound Brill and send him on the run. Hunted across the...

Credible Threat: a Shadowboxer story by Chris Lowry

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America's alphabet agencies are stretched thin, but they can't stand idly by while European authorities investigate. Chatter on the ground is the US faces an imminent threat. They need boots on the ground and a man who get's answers to find and stop any disaster before it happens.
Carver and Brill are contracted to do the research. Brill heads overseas to bust...

Mission One: a Shadowboxer series by Chris Lowry

Plausible Deniability. That's what they called it. Brill Wingfield was rendered back to the US to work for an off book Homeland team. After nine months of training on the Farm, he's loaned out to a SEAL team with one mission. Hunt down, capture or kill the Boku Harem Islamic Terrorists who bombed the US Embassy.
Brill has other orders.
But the mission is jeopardized from the start when Brill uncovers false intel that puts them on a path to another ambush. Should he let the SEAL...

CONSCRIPTED (a Shadowboxer Story Book 1) by Chris Lowry

Brill Wingfield is just seventeen when he's recruited by a future President to spy on an exchange student's Prime Minister father in South Africa.
But when the daughter and Brill are kidnapped and tortured by Angolan rebels, all bets are off. When he witnesses the death of his young girlfriend, Brill joins with the band of mercenaries who rescued them to exact revenge.
He's conscripted in without any training and learns what it takes to survive in the jungles of war torn Africa at...

The Maid of Orleans: Joan of Arc by Chris Lowry

When 16 year old Joan's fiance leaves the village to fight for the Dauphin, Joan enlists the aid of a local priest to fulfill a prophesy and build a legend and follow the young man to protect him from himself.
Packed with action and adventure romance, this work takes a different look at the heroine. The world needs female heroes and Joan of Arc fought back against a nation, fighting for her beliefs and her country.
A fast paced read this page turner will keep you glued to the end,...

Nazi Nukes by Chris Lowry

Dirtbag Treasure Hunter Warner Yeager followed the love of his life to Germany. After he catches her on the thighs of another man, she promptly kicks him out of her flat.
What else should a homeless lovelorn sad sack do but hunt for The Amber Room, a looted treasure stolen by the Nazis in WW II.
Yeager uncovers a dark secret hidden in a bunker deep in the Bavarian forest. Hitler's secret arsenal of nuclear missiles to be deployed as the final option.
When Yeager shares his...


When younger brother Jason comes home from college, he brings a new fiance and dredges up old feelings with his brother Owen who never had the chance to leave the family business. Sweet tea and sour words don't mix in the back forty, and that good old time homespun wisdom doesn't have an answer for two brothers at war over the fate of the farm and the hand of the damning temptress caught between them.......


Postapocalypse USA
Zombies invade America. They don't know why it happened, or how, but five weeks after the Zombie apocalypse turned the American landscape into a dystopian world where the walking dead aren't the worst of the problems, a distraught father takes to the road to hunt for his missing children.
No way to communicate.
No way to know who survived.
And the only way to last through the day is with gallows humor and an unbending will to survive.
In Battlefield Z, he...

Battlefield Z by Chris Lowry

Fans of postapocalyptic science fiction and zombie movies are going to love this sci fi comedy with a little bit of heart.
After the world collapses when a zombie plague sweeps the nation, a three time father has two choices. Stay hiding in his house or go hunt for his children with their mother and stepfather just to make sure they're safe.
How tragic would it be if you had no idea what happened to your kids when a disaster occurred? No amount of survivalist training can prepare you...

Super Secret Space Mission: A Sci Fi Comedy by Chris Lowry

In a hilarious case of mistaken identity, a hitchhiking cowboy and the motormouth city slicker that picks him up accidentally get shot into outer space to take back Earth's super secret defense ship, the LUCAS from alien invaders. These fish ain't just out of water, they're up in space and getting it all wrong trying to do the right thing.
They accidentally stumble across one of America's biggest secrets. There's a Space Force dedicated to protecting the planet from intergalactic...

HEADSHOTS: a Battlefield Z series by Chris Lowry

Post apocalypse Texas. Dallas is a Wasteland. Survivors have fled for the refugee centers and all that's left are scavengers trying to pick through the scraps just to survive.
And zombies. Thousands of them. People left loved ones locked up instead of killing them. It makes every house hunt for food and supplies doubly dangerous.
Taylor and his buddy Rat are survivors. They'll do whatever it takes to stay alive. But when they hide out in a condo high rise, a fast decision to help two...

Battlefield Z Zombie Blues Highway by Chris Lowry

Almost home.
The hero of Battlefield Z finally makes it to the Mississippi River that borders the state of Arkansas. He's only two hours from home, a couple of hundred miles from finding answers.
But when an ambush traps him deep in the delta region with a throwback to "the South will rise again" rednecks, he must battle through Z, gun nuts and anything else the Natural State can throw his way in a race to save his children.
Fans, fathers and Armageddon lovers have fallen in love...

WITCHMAS: a Marshal of Magic file by Chris Lowry

The Marshal of Magic has got a problem. He's out on a first date, the first date he's been on since his wife went missing years ago when a rogue trio of witches show up and ruin his night.
Now he's got a nine foot demon streaking around the city wreaking havoc, he has to stop the witches before they can cast whatever spell they summoned the damn thing for, and oh yeah, he's being haunted by the ghost of a former partner that's going to be tied to him forever unless he can figure a way to...

Battlefield Z Mardi Gras Zombie by Chris Lowry

He found them!
Two of his three children are alive and now that he's found them he won't let them out of his sight.
It's time to find his youngest daughter.
The last he knew she was heading to a refugee camp with her Mom and stepdad. He's got a map of the camps back at Fort Jasper waiting.
All he has to do is keep his kids safe as they search for answers and a trip back to Alabama. The safest route floats them down the river. It keeps the Z at bay, but delivers them straight...

SHADOWBOXER Box Set - 3 Action packed stories: Shadowboxer, by Chris Lowry

Box Set of Shadowboxer, Conscripted and Credible Threat, an incredible trilogy of adventures about the world's luckiest hit man.......

Flyover Zombie: a Battlefield Z series by Chris Lowry

End of Days. The Zombie Plague swept the nation but a fast thinking leader in California took charge and built a wall on the Rockies and Appalachian mountains. It blocked off the middle of America, but contained most of the virus that turned the world upside down.
The middle is a wasteland. No one goes in, no one flies over. Everything is rationed in the cities struggling to support millions of refugees. Martial law controls their lives.
But when that leaders daughter goes down in...


A million zombies between a Dad and his kids. He’s gonna need a bigger blade.
After escaping Georgia with the group, the hunt is on for a safe place to build a fort and hide out until someone finds a cure for the Z plague that turned America into a postapocalyptic badlands.
But before they can find safety, they encounter the first rebuilt society, a redneck enclave protected by a hillbilly army behind the walls of the Talladega Speedway. Our hero is tasked with the labors of...

The Dipole Shield (The Dipole Series Book 1) by Chris Lowry

A trio of outcasts are thrown together with a mission.
Save Mars.
The prisoner. Mona Lisa O'Neil has a problem. She's in prison for crimes committed against the people with her gangster boyfriend. When she turned evidence against him, he tried to have her killed. Twice.
Now he's threatening to blow up the Dipole Shield and kill fifty million people on Mars unless they turn her over to him.
The government won't deal with terrorists, but it's one life versus all colonists on the...



MILAN MANNERS: & other short stories-An anthology by Chris Lowry

A collection of short stories written by best selling author Chris Lowry includes sample chapters from new book series. Milan Manners is a snapshot of a young man traveling through Europe by rail in desperate need of food and bath. The adventures and discovery of the depth of human nature is explored in a series of short vignettes that capture the human condition and restore faith in humanity.

A Journey Abroad by Chris Lowry

Have you ever wanted to hop on a plane with nothing but your passport and a backpack and jet off to Europe? The author did just that. When I was in college, I headed over to take a class in Zurich to study international currency exchange, but before I locked myself in a classroom, I showed up nine weeks early with no place to stay, a Eurail pass and just enough food to keep me alive until I could move into the dorm.
This grand adventure had me living the dirtbag life across the...

Battlefield Z The Collected Adventures: Volume 2 by Chris Lowry

Welcome to the world of Battlefield Z.
A zombie plague swept the nation and killed a lot of good people.
The survivors left fight for every crumb and morsel just to keep on living one more day. Not enough food, not enough bullets, and too much terror.
The zombies aren't the worst things left. Rogue militias turned bandits. Marauders who will take everything and leave you dead. Religious cults who think the walking dead are a sign of Armageddon.
The only thing in plenty of supply...

Bovine Bloodbath: The Herd Shot Round the World by Chris Lowry

Carver and Dawes, the inept duo that saved the world from invading aliens in Super Secret Space Mission are back at it and this time, the steaks are even higher.
The Herd Shot Round the World is book 1 in a 13 episode arc that spans this summer. Each new book will be released on a Tuesday packed with action, laughs and enough insults to offend even the most hardened soul.
If you grabbed a copy of Super Secret Space Mission off Instafreebie and thought the dumb dynamic duo were a couple...

Battlefield Z The Collected Adventures: Volume One (Battlefield by Chris Lowry

A father hunts for his children after world war Z in this post apocalyptic science fiction comedy.
Dad doesn't have a lot of wit. A little lacking on charm and in the looks department. But what he does have is grit and will power.
That's got to be enough to fuel his cross country trek from Florida to Arkansas to hunt for his children lost after the zombie plague. It's time to chew bubble gum and kick Zombie butt, and guess who's all outta bubble gum!
Fans love this series about a...

Lunar Hustle: a Dipole Shield mini-adventure (The Dipole Shield by Chris Lowry

A drunk pilot.
A runaway hooker.
The most powerful pirate in Space.
All Tinker wants is some sweet loving from his favorite house of pleasure on the Space Hub. After a successful smuggling run, he's got some credit in his pocket and some naughty on his mind.
But a mysterious woman pops into his session before it starts with a secret mission and more important, a credit chip.
Her sister is missing and she wants the pilot to find her.
Now Tinker could take...

Witchmas Eve: a Marshal of Magic file by Chris Lowry

They call it the Big Easy. Then why is it so damn hard?
Alright, he messed up. Accidentally partnered with a Valkarie who saved his life. But her spell scattered thirteen witches turned demon monsters across the US.
And the Judge was pissed.
Now the Marshal has a job to go. Go clean up the mess he made. First stop? NOLA. Home of Jazz, vampires and a Voo Doo woman named Phylis. Oh yeah, and a new Watcher, the Dixie Mafia, more witches and the soul demon he's been sent there to...