Lunar Hustle: a Dipole Shield mini-adventure (The Dipole Shield by Chris Lowry

Lunar Hustle: a Dipole Shield mini-adventure (The Dipole Shield by Chris Lowry

Science Fiction | Humour | Action & Adventure

A drunk pilot.
A runaway hooker.
The most powerful pirate in Space.
All Tinker wants is some sweet loving from his favorite house of pleasure on the Space Hub. After a successful smuggling run, he's got some credit in his pocket and some naughty on his mind.
But a mysterious woman pops into his session before it starts with a secret mission and more important, a credit chip.
Her sister is missing and she wants the pilot to find her.
Now Tinker could take the money and run.
But he doesn't want to burn that bridge yet because the house of ill repute has a reputation of more than just relaxation. They have blackmail power.
When Tinker uncovers a couple of schemes, he finds out he may be in over his head. Lucky for him, there's booze in the blender. They may run out of whiskey, but he's gonna find her still.
This Dipole Series Adventure is perfect for fans of sci fi comedy who like a little humor with their science fiction. Characters introduced in THE DIPOLE series are playing around in individual stories so anyone can get to know them better in this space opera with a happy ending.
Click to grab this story today because you're going to love the scruffy pilot and his accidental journey to save the world....

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