The Star Kings [Enhanced, Improved, Ultimate Edition] [The Two byEdmond Hamilton The Traveler Series: #1 Homecoming, Edition 2. illustrated. bycliff manning Discovery (Col Sec series Book 3) byJan Domagala
Distant Suns - The Journey Home byPatricia Smith Resurrect (A Whitney Steel Novel Book 3) byKim Cresswell The Culling (Woodsgate Chronicles Book 1) bySam Y Cats

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The Star Kings [Enhanced, Improved, Ultimate Edition] [The Two by Edmond Hamilton

SciFi | Adventure

Romance and Thrilling Space Opera!
“… roistering adventure, two beautiful heroines, one of the most likable villains you could ask for … color and imagery … a final worldsmashing slugfest …good fun.” Analog/Astounding.
She was Lianna, ruler of the Kingdom of Fomalhaut. He was Zarth Arn, prince of the MidGalactic Empire, scion of the ruling house of Star Kings. Only these two stood between peace and a war of galactic conquest. And one of them was an impostor.
“Epic …...