The Sandman Cometh byStuart G. Yates The Kidnapped Bride byMike Scantlebury The Scent of Eternity byAlan T. McKean
Caverns of Procellarum (Steps to Space Book 2) byRichard Penn Tales from the Tower of London byvarious Castled (Steele Novels Book 6) byDavid L Atkinson

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The Sandman Cometh by Stuart G. Yates

SciFi | Adventure

In a cold future, Simeon Allis struggles with an existence he doesn't understand. Every decision is made for him, and his loved ones no longer have a place in the world. The State provides everything, and the Sandmen ensure conformity.
Hideous inventions, the Sandmen ensure citizens' obedience in the clinical world in which Simeon lives his lonely, controlled life.
But he is different than the others... for he has memories.
One terrible night, lost in the deserted streets of the...