Death Comes in Pairs byvarious The Alex Cave Series Book 4. Gravity byJames M. Corkill Dark Tidings: Ancient Magic Meets the Internet Book 1 byKen Magee
The Stealer of Memories byMois Benarroch Crown of Steel byAnna L. Walls The Lollipop of Influence (The Sphere of Influence Book 2) byMjke Wood

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Death Comes in Pairs by various

Adventure | HistFic

Jack Liege was acquitted of murder in the deaths of two sheepherders, but that hasn’t stopped the people of Douglas, Wyoming, from treating him as if he’s guilty. And so Jack hits the road, hungry for peace and a fresh start in the small town of Ellis Crossing. But a quiet life isn’t in the cards: shortly after his arrival, he breaks up a gunfight between sheepherder Andrew McGarwin and cattleman Tobe Kranston. In return for saving his life, Kranston offers Jack a job on his sprawling...