The Call of the Righteous (Judgement of Souls Book 2) byMargarita Felices Fallen Men byBrian O'Hare Through The Gates byAlan Hardy
Married In Montana (At The Altar Book 1) byKirsten Osbourne Ridge: Contemporary Romance, Military (Men of Honor Book 1) byLivia Quinn After byBarbara Ehrentreu

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The Call of the Righteous (Judgement of Souls Book 2) by Margarita Felices

Horror | Romance

Rachel has a promise to keep. When Max arrived at the Elysium and started to court the young Rachel, who knew why he was really there? Who knew what he was planning?
Who knew he’d frame her parents and leave behind such misery? Who knew he’d break her heart?
Rachel should have known.
It may take time to track him down, but she will and she’ll make him sorry.In the second part of this vampire trilogy, Rachel searches for Max and the missing vampire artefact to save her...