Elvingstone: A Gothic Fantasy Romance byJ.P. Reedman Trojan Hero & Prince Of Troy: Bronze Age Romance Novels byAmarissa Amber Cale Only in Time (Mystique Antiques) byKelli McCracken
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Elvingstone: A Gothic Fantasy Romance by J.P. Reedman

Romance | Fantasy | Womensfiction

In an alternate world Victorian England, Arabella Lorne dances every night upon the stage, surrounded by egotistical prima donnas, dishonest theatrical agents, and sinister hangerson,
When the ageing Diva Eulalia Fairbanks accuses Arabella of upstaging her, and her Eulalia’s ‘bully boys’ decide to make an example of the young actress, Arabella fears for her very life.
However, the saturnine, brooding Sir Alaric Stannion, an admirer who has watched Arabella’s performances from...