The Tall Tales of Starman Steve byGregg Rosenquist Shadows of Perfection byMaurice Hardy Cobra Z (Necropolis Trilogy Book 1) bySean Deville
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The Tall Tales of Starman Steve by Gregg Rosenquist

#Kidlit | SciFi | Comedy

• So you think you know why the sky is BLUE?
• What is THUNDER and LIGHTNING...really?
• What happens when you wish upon a SHOOTING STAR?
• Where did all those craters on the Moon come from?
• What’s the real truth about Jupiter’s RED SPOT?
• Are Saturn’s rings actually a giant HAT?
• Who spilled the MILKY WAY?
• Can the HORSEHEAD NEBULA be tamed?
• Can you race a COMET...and win?
• Ever traveled on the ASTEROID EXPRESS?
Come fly with...