Ultimate Betrayal byJo Ann Wentzel No Game for a Dame (Maggie Sullivan mysteries Book 1) byM. Ruth Myers Balance of Powers byHugh Ashton
The Death of Dalziel byReginald Hill The Attic Room: A psychological thriller byLinda Huber Of Sea and Seed: The Kerrigan Chronicles, Book I byAnnie Daylon

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Ultimate Betrayal by Jo Ann Wentzel

Mystery | SciFi

The bombshell is dropped, the news incredible. It could mean so much for so many. People think their prayers have been answered. Scientists promise this advancement will only be used for good. Can they really guarantee that?
The time period is what is referred to as ‘end times’ when fearful news is the rule of the day. Good news is scarce and so people hold onto this promise of ‘help’ like a life preserver since that may be what it will be to them.
Meanwhile a certain element...