The Devil's Bridge byFran Connor The Wielder: Betrayal (The Wielder Series Book 1) byDavid Gosnell Spellsmith & Carver: Magicians' Reckoning byH. L.  Burke
Soul Rescue (The Dacque Chronicles) byDoug Simpson White Ghost and the Red Wolf byKellie Steele Lucena byMois Benarroch

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The Devil's Bridge by Fran Connor

Fantasy | Adventure

In this gripping and uplifting story that spans two world wars and the hedonistic period in between, a soldier and a nurse find love and marry. But the soldier has a dark secret. He must commit evil acts ordered by a supernatural force that saved his life in the trenches. If he doesn't, his wife's life will be forfeit. If he does, he will spend eternity in Hell. His quest is to find an alternative.......