Descenders' Saga Book #1: Dark Matters byNobody Loser Sex, Blood, Rock 'N' Roll, and Vampyr (The Bloodline Series byK. M. McFarland Heart of an Alpha byGA Hurst
The Crystal Telepath (Worlds Apart Series Book 2) byEvelyn Lederman Paradoxical World: Reality Lost byKarl Kaulback The Legend of Sithalkaan byJ. N. de Bedout

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Descenders' Saga Book #1: Dark Matters by Nobody Loser

SciFi | Fantasy

Descenders' Saga is none other than the complicated first story in the war saga of Satan, Zatanael, leading up to the apocalyptic fourth book. Book one contains two stories, the first being the story of The Angels fighting The Red Army on a distant planet. They are an unseen enemy with odd technological advancements that Kingdom technology can't seem to detect. Join Zatanael, War General of The Serpents and Birdmen, the Angel warriors of Kingdom, descendants of dinosaur genetic lines, as...