The Halcyon Dislocation byPeter Kazmaier The Last Five Days (The Shattered Land Book 1) byMichael Tyne Blood & Holy Water: Angels, Vampires & Impossible Miracles byJoynell Schultz
An Ill Wind Blows byLori R. Lopez Power of the Dance (The Goblin Trilogy Book 3) byJaq D Hawkins The WITCH of the MARSH: Book Three of a Series (5-Ever Series 3) byTammy Berg

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The Halcyon Dislocation by Peter Kazmaier

SciFi | Fantasy

After a risky physics experiment transports the island University of Halcyon to a new world, engineer Dave Schuster and his fellow students struggle to survive in this alien, hostile environment. As tyrannical forces within the University use the catastrophe to strengthen their power and control, Dave encounters an even greater menace which threatens the very existence of their fledgling colony.......