The Last Goodbye byDavid J Cooper Retaking Pervaiske: The Army of Orphans II byF. B. Veneziano Bleed The Stars byChristy Summerland
That One Moment byPatty Wiseman Page of Buckets (Circus Tarot Book 2) byCharles W. Jones The Cracked Mirror, Reflections of an Appalachian Son byBilly Ray Chitwood

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The Last Goodbye by David J Cooper


Juan Carlos is found dead in his car near his home. Was it an accident? Or something more sinister? His heartbroken partner reaches out to a lawyer friend to investigate his death. He believes that the local drug dealer killed him because they had a heated argument just before his death.
Will the lawyer be able to help them get justice? Not surprisingly, Juan's partner comes up against many obstacles – a falsified death report, threats to his life, drug dealers, corruption within the...