Queen's Gambit (A James Maguire Novel Book 2) byAndrew G. Nelson One Against Many: The First Deklan Falls Mystery (The Deklan byBryan Alaspa ABUSE BEATEN: From VICTIM To VICTOR byCrystal Mary Lindsey
Five Oaks Ranch Collection byStephanie Hurt Halcyon Rebirth byMorgan Sales A Girl Can Only Take So Much byLa'Quana Jones

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Queen's Gambit (A James Maguire Novel Book 2) by Andrew G. Nelson


Hunting the mysterious serial killer was like trying to catch a ghost.
In the six months since they had first battled to a stalemate, James Maguire had spent countless hours chasing down leads and sightings of the elusive killer, only to watch them slip away at the very last moment. For Maguire, and the state police task force charged with capturing him, it was as if the man had never even existed.
Now Maguireā€™s old friend, Richard Stargold, has been appointed as the new NYPD police...