Action & Adventure Books

The Thousand Years War by Angel Medina Shaye versus Xavier by Georgina Zuvela Silent City (Corin Hayes Book 1) by G R Matthews Fleeing the Shadows (Dangerous Loyalties Book 2) by Phyllis A. Still SUBJECTED: the Predicate - a novel (the Sequel) by G. F. Smith

Horror Books

Lurking in the Deep by various Blood Renegades (Rebel Vampires Book 3) by Rosemary A Johns 4 Hours: An Apocalyptic Horror Novella (Ferine Apocalypse) by John F Leonard Love Lost at Sea: Zombie Zero: The Short Stories Vol. 3 by J.K. Norry Dark Tales by Paul Jameson

Science Fiction Books

Codename: Winterborn (The Last Survivors Book 1) by various The Workshop by Volker G. Fremuth The Great Death by dr. ish ism The Scent of Home by Alan T. McKean No Free Lunch: Book 2 Arekan's War by B. R. Turnage