Romance Books

Love, Lies and Murder (The Charlotte Ross Mysteries) by Evelyn Cullet The Thief Who Stole Eternity (Infinīte Series Book 2) by Pam Kesterson Vintrig's Kingdom (Isu Magan Book 1) by Freya Pickard Dark Magic (Eternity Witches Book 1) by Renee Travis Smarty Havarti by Walter Rice

Humour Books

Bridge to Brigadoon by Stephanie Parker McKean The Caravan Revisited: Annie's Journal by Annie Lancaster Sweet Seduction: Kassie & Taj (A Royal Vow Novel Book 3) by Lizabeth Scott The Retail Therapist by Colette Kebell Bite the Big One!: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy by Sharon Karaa

Female Literature Books

Heartstrings (Heart & Soul Book 1) by Kelli McCracken Run Like A Girl by K.E. Garvey The Retreat by Chariss K Walker Patrick's Promise (The Cloverleaf Series Book 3) by Gloria Herrmann They Came to Help Us by Lynn Whyte-Heath